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At Liverpool John Moores University our centres and institutes carry out important and inspirational work, committed to the University strategy to find solutions to the problems of the 21st century. Find out more about where our strengths lie from the links to our centres and institutes:

Astrophysics Research Institute

  • Internationally-acclaimed and award-winning
  • One of the world’s leading authorities in astronomy and astrophysics
  • Have published 700 papers in the last 6 years
  • Current activities embrace observational and theoretical research, telescope operation and instrument development


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Research Institute for Sports and Exercise Sciences (RISES)

  • Ranked in the top 3 sport and exercise departments in the world when it comes to our papers published in internationally-rated publications
  • The only sport and exercise science department in the UK designated as a Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • Specialist areas include: biomechanics, brain and behaviour, cardiorespiratory science and exercise metabolism, alongside the Football Exchange (working with The FA, Liverpool Football Club and Manchester United Football Club, to name a few) and the Physical Activity Exchange


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Research Centre in Brain and Behaviour

  • Investigating cognitive and brain mechanisms in psychologically and neurologically intact adult humans
  • The disruption of these processes caused by drugs, brain damage, ageing or atypical development


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Research Centre in Evolutionary Anthropology and Palaeoecology

  • Conducts research at the frontiers of biological anthropology
  • Focus on: social behaviour, ecology and conservation, contexts of human evolution, human variation and adaptability, forensic anthropology


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European Institute for Urban Affairs

  • A leading urban policy research group influencing policy development around the globe
  • Frequently set the government policy agenda for cities in the UK and Europe


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Exhibition Research Centre

  • The first academic centre devoted to the study of exhibition histories and practices
  • Supports research in this overlooked area of study by organising exhibitions, lectures and other public events


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Research Centre for Literature and Cultural History

  • Focus on academic research in English, providing a scholarly community, hosting regular seminars and lectures and offering a platform for dissemination of research in two main areas: the role of writing in contesting social formations and foundations of contemporary moment


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Centre for the Study of Crime, Criminalisation and Social Exclusion

  • Inter-disciplinary-based research on and around crime, criminalisation and social exclusion
  • Supports policymakers, practitioners, user communities and other ‘stakeholders’ at local, regional, national and international levels


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Institute of Cultural Capital

  • Examines the role and value of cultural interventions in urban environments from grassroots initiatives to large-scale cultural events and festivals
  • A leading centre of cultural policy research; the Institute is a collaboration between the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University


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Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies (BEST) Research Institute

  • Growing international reputation for industry-relevant research and knowledge transfer
  • Major partners include United Utilities and Jaguar


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General Engineering Research institute (GERI)

  • Internationally-acclaimed research includes optical metrology, advanced manufacturing technology, radio-frequency as well as electronics, image processing and mechanical engineering
  • 58% of research is rated as internationally excellent in the REF 2014


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Electrical and Electronic Engineering Research Centre

  • Over 70% of research rated as internationally excellent in the REF 2014
  • Two core research groups: Microelectronics and Electric Machines and Drives


School of Engineering, Technology and Maritime Operations

Liverpool Logistics, Offshore and Marine Research Institute

  • World leading research unit in marine, offshore and transport studies
  • Equipped with the UK’s only 360 degree ship simulator and wide range of transport modelling and safety decision making software


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Mechanical Engineering and Materials Centre

  • Research activities include: theoretical modelling, computational modelling, engineering materials and processing, bioengineering, mechanics of biological materials, sport and biomedical engineering, and dynamics and control systems


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  • Developing innovative and effective approaches to cyber security
  • Close to 50% of its research is rated as world leading or internationally excellent


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Centre of Educational Research and Evaluation Services

  • Research and evaluation across all sectors of education and in activities concerned with learning outside the traditional boundaries of institutions such as schools and universities


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Centre for Health and Social Care Informatics (CHaSCI)

  • Promotes the development, application and use of informatics within healthcare, social care and related disciplines both with the NHS and associated non-NHS health and social care settings


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Centre for Public Health

  • Works with national and international organisations such as the World Health Organisation, National Institute of Health Research, Department of Health, Home Office and National Institute for Clinical Excellence
  • Collaborates with local authorities, judicial bodies, environmental services and community groups


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