Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics

Research team responsible for the Centre for Pharmacy Innovation

Our research focus is the use of medicines and the delivery of healthcare that is applicable to the real world.

The Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics Research Group recognises the challenges of promoting health and treating disease in the face of complex patient factors, where individual and social circumstances interact with diseases and clinical systems. We ensure our research and the design of projects relate to tackling these challenges.

Key project

Evaluation of the Emergency Supply of Prescription-only Medicines by Community Pharmacists, which was funded by Pharmacy Research UK.
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Areas of interest

Clinical Pharmacy

Evidence based practice:
  • Prescribing of analgesia for post-operative pain in private healthcare
  • Prescribing audit
  • Systematic reviews/meta analyses
Service delivery organisation:
  • Health services in community pharmacy
  • Patient and public expectations of pharmacy services
  • The role of pharmacy in the delivery of oncology care

Patient centred care:

Health information needs
  • Parents and guardians' information needs
  • Readability
  • Performance and image enhancing drugs
Supporting safe and effective self-care
  • Dependence and addiction to over the counter and prescription medicines


Ion channel mechanisms and functions, with the following more specific research interests (NH):

The understanding of how ion channel dysfunction can lead to pathology (channelopathies)
  • How the pharmacology can characterise ion channels in different call and tissue types
  • How pharmacological or voltage modulation of ion channel activites can affect key, fundamental cell functions (in the cell cycle), including proliferation, division, secretions or apoptosis
Pharmacology/physiology research interests:
  • Cardiovascular Pharmacology (especially adrenoceptors and calcium-channel blockers)
  • Ischaemia/Reperfusion injury
  • Electrophysiology
Health professional education
  • Education and training of healthcare professionals, in particular interprofessional education
  • Reflection and portfolios
  • Continuing professional development for pharmacy technicians
  • Interprofessional learning

Key collaborations

  • Centre for Pharmacy Innovation – the first research collaboration in the UK between a hospital, university and community pharmacist. LJMU, the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust and LloydsPharmacy are working together towards the goal of improving the way patients use their medicines outside hospital.
  • Paediatric Medicines Research Unit – a collaboration with Alder Hey Childrens's Hospital Trust and the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences at LJMU, among others. The unit conducts research witch contributes to the safe and effective use of new and existing medicines for children.


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