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As soon as I picked up the phone and explained my circumstances, I was met with overwhelming support. People just wanted to help. Everything was sorted within half an hour! I had a student number, accommodation, disability support, a guide for what I would be studying and contact details for my tutors. Every step was accounted for.

Mollie's blog

Clearing 2023 – study support. You can do it!

Making the jump to a degree can feel like a leap to anyone. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Students come from all different academic backgrounds and learn in many different ways. Our Academic Achievement Team offer classes, drop-in sessions and one-to-one appointments to help with planning your assignments, time management and workload, note-making and academic reading.

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Can I afford Uni?

Yes! Our Money Advice Team are here to help you look after your wallet and your mental health. The Team can help any LJMU student facing financial hardship, with friendly advice and immediate assistance to cover food costs, and bills and give financial support. We are committed to making sure that the cost of living doesn’t impact on your ability to study and enjoy your time at LJMU.

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