Clearing stories

Meet students who secured their place at LJMU through Clearing

Julia Harrison

Course: Business Studies
Level: 6
Hometown: Liverpool

Julia was unsure of her career path for a while. Going through LJMU Clearing helped her see things a little clearer: “At first I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future. I applied for nursing and social work degree programmes at different universities but was unsuccessful. I felt confused and unmotivated. I called up LJMU on results day and managed to get a place on the Business Studies programme through Clearing – a complete risk as I'd never studied this. I felt embarrassed to go through Clearing at the time, but as soon as I started university I knew I would get first-class grades because I was studying something I really liked.”

“Clearing has taken me in a new direction. I took a chance on my programme and I absolutely loved it. Going through Clearing has benefitted me because it was ultimately a path to studying what I enjoy.”

Julia's top tips for Clearing:

  1. Have an open mind and believe you can do it.
  2. Study a degree subject that you want to study, not what someone else wants you to study.
  3. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Becca Hope

Course: Applied Psychology
Level: 6
Hometown: Manchester

Determined to study in Liverpool, Becca called our Clearing service on results day when things didn't go to plan: “I didn't quite get the grades I'd been hoping for and I did start to panic. My careers teacher put me in touch with LJMU Clearing and I was offered the opportunity to study Applied Psychology. After speaking to the uni on the phone, and hearing them explain the course, I felt so much more relaxed and drawn towards studying the course at LJMU. Speaking to them directly made me feel relaxed and positive about my future. It reassured me that just because results day hadn't gone as planned, I should still be proud of myself.”

“Getting into university through Clearing is just as commendable as any other way. You still need to have achieved specific grades to do so, and would not be offered a place unless you deserved it.”

Becca’s top tips for Clearing:

  1. Don’t panic because things haven’t gone to plan – that’s what Clearing is there for.
  2. Speak to someone about your Clearing options – like a teacher, friend or parent.
  3. Remember to still enjoy the moment. If you’re offered a place through Clearing, it’s a huge achievement and you should be extremely proud.

Efe Otobrise

Course: MEng Electronic Engineering
Level: 6
Hometown: Manchester

Efe gave our Clearing Hotline a call after she missed out on her first choice and insurance universities: “When I told the lady on the phone from LJMU Clearing my grades, she congratulated me. This was so nice to hear because I thought I had done terribly at the time. I was then told my grades were enough to get onto the course I wanted to study and an academic called me later on to confirm my place. It was a win-win situation for me – I got accepted on the degree I wanted to do, and it was an accredited course.”

“It’s been a good thing. I'm someone who believes everything happens for a reason. Here, I've made wonderful new friends and had many opportunities to participate in activities that have contributed to my personal growth. Honestly, I think LJMU chose me.”

Efe’s top tips for Clearing:

  1. Take some deep breaths and try your best to stay calm.
  2. Make sure you have a notebook, pen and a fully-charged phone.
  3. Know your unique personal ID because you’ll be asked for it a lot.

Philippa McCabe

Course: Mathematics
Level: 8 (PhD)
Hometown: Liverpool

Philippa called the Clearing Hotline on results day: “The experience of talking to one of the LJMU staff in comparison to that of my firm choice was major. I knew then where I wanted to study. The caring nature put me at ease and once I had given all the information I could, the lady reassured me again when she went to see if I could be offered a place. When she came back to the phone she sounded genuinely happy that I could be offered a place to start LJMU in September to study Mathematics. This was one of the most feared conversations I have had but I could not have imagined it going any better.”

“People need to stop looking at Clearing like a ‘whoops’ shelf of degree courses when in actual fact nearly all courses are offered and it's about helping you get where you want, not giving you what's left.”

Philippa’s top tips for Clearing:

  1. Weigh up all of your options – do pros and cons lists and don’t make rushed decisions.
  2. Ask all of your questions and if you think of any after a phone call, write them down so you won’t forget.
  3. Make a note of dates, times and names of who you speak to. It’s a time when emotions are high and you will likely forget stuff so by having a record it helps in case you need to call back or confirm things.