Can I afford to go to university?

Yes! Our Money Advice Team are here to help you look after your wallet and your mental health.

Working out how much you can afford can be difficult. Your tuition fee loan covers your tuition fees, and your maintenance loan is for living costs, like rent, food and going out. The money that you can get for your living costs is based on your household income, usually your parent’s or carer’s income, but it’s increasingly unlikely that your maintenance loan will cover all your rent and living costs.

You might be thinking "Can I afford to go to university?"

Our Money Advice Team are committed to making sure that the cost of living doesn’t impact on your ability to study and enjoy your time at LJMU.

LJMU commits £1 million each year to support students facing financial hardship through our Student Support Fund. This year we committed an additional £1 million, plus £234,000 from the Office for Students. This means over £2.2 million was dedicated to helping our students in 2023/24.

The Money Advice Team can help any LJMU student facing financial hardship, with friendly advice and immediate assistance to cover food costs, and bills and give financial support.

So far this academic year they’ve helped over 1,700 students with support averaging around £980 per application.

As well as these big measures, we know that it’s the everyday struggles that can really make an impact on your financial and mental wellbeing. That’s why we’ve put little things into place that can make a big difference.

Need a new piece of IT kit? LJMU has used and refurbished PCs and laptops that students can apply for free, and all students can pick up free stationery from the library at any time. Our libraries also have long opening hours, and our warm and welcoming Student Life Building is open 24/7 with free laptop loans and device charging around campus.

Your physical health is a big part of your mental health, so we’ve made sure to have emergency food vouchers available for students, as well as hosting free lunches to help you create and eat some tasty nutritious food.

We’ve also reduced the cost of an annual student gym membership from £125 a year to just £25, including classes – what a deal! Not to mention that students can use showers in the Sport Building, even without a gym membership.

Our Money Advice Team are also here to discuss grants, bursaries and scholarships that are here to ensure that all students reach their potential regardless of background or personal situation.

Want some advice on how we can help?

Contact the Money Advice Team or call 0151 231 3153 or 0151 231 3154.

Everybody at LJMU wants you to succeed in your studies and we can’t wait to offer you endless opportunities to grow as a person and fulfil your academic potential.

Your journey starts with Clearing.


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