Settling in, staying connected

Whether you are a new or returning students we want you to make the most of your student experience, support your wellbeing and help you settle into your student home here while you study with us.

COVID brings challenging times for us all, so it is really important that you are aware of the support available to help you settle into your student experience and stay connected to the University.

There is a range of detailed information on our moving forward microsite about how the University is operating during COVID-19.

Here you will find information on what support there is in relation to your student accommodation and student home.

I am living in Halls, what support is there for me?

Student Living Assistants

Our Student Living Assistants help new students to settle into their accommodation. They are a form of peer support and a useful point of contact for new students who may have concerns about their accommodation or any other aspects of their new life. They also act as signposts for the various University, Students Union and external services.

Telephone: 0151 231 4166

Accommodation Support

If you have a concern about your accommodation experience then please contact the Accommodation Office. 
Student Advice and Wellbeing services. They can help you if you are having issues settling in, getting on with flatmates or adjusting to life in halls.

Telephone: 07929999501 and 07929999314

I live in a student house, what support is there for me?

We work with Liverpool Student Homes (LSH) who offer free, expert housing advice for all students. LSH help raise awareness of health, safety and community issues that can affect students in Liverpool. Check out their Community Guide which contains some important Covid precautions, safety messages from Merseyside Fire and Rescue and Merseyside Police, as well as other helpful tips from LSH to help ensure students feel safe as part of their community.

I’m struggling to settle in, what can I do?

It is totally normal to feel lonely and overwhelmed whether you are a new student or returning back to studies. You may feel that everyone on your social media feed is having a much better time than you, but be assured that what you are feeling is likely what others are experiencing too.

There is a wide range of support available. You’re not on your own at Liverpool John Moores University – there’s always someone on hand to help, advise and guide.

Speak to someone

It’s important to talk about how you are feeling, be it with a flatmate, Accommodation Mentor or one of our Student Advice and Wellbeing teams. Feeling lonely is very common and it can pass but if you don’t reach out to talk about it, the feelings may become worse.

Speak to our Wellbeing Team if you feel you need support with your wellbeing or mental health. They also offer a range of self-help information, tools and workshops to help you manage your wellbeing and deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, homesickness and anything else you may be going through.

Get to know the city

If you aren’t self-isolating due to Covid then start to enjoy the city of Liverpool and all it has to offer. As a student it is important to have a good work-life balance and take time to get to know the city, try new things and make new connections. This will really help your wellbeing and support you in making the most of your student experience.

Visit Liverpool has a wealth of info available about what is currently open and useful info on Covid-safe venues to visit.

Try something new

JMSU run a great range of events, society activities and more to help you find out more about LJMU and Liverpool life.

Student Advice and Wellbeing run a programme of events to support you and your wellbeing and this can also be a useful way to meet people, share experiences and realise you aren’t on your own.

Taking time to look after your wellbeing is so important. Make sure you stay physically active and take a break from online learning. Go for a walk in one of Liverpool’s many Green Spaces?  

Volunteer and connect with the wider community

By giving some of your time and energy to volunteering you’ll be able to make a positive impact in your local community, help people in need and get involved in worthwhile causes that matter to you

LJMU and JMSU will support you in finding exciting, worthwhile and career-enhancing voluntary work with a range of organisations