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Turning data into meaningful intelligence 

We deliver the intelligence and evidence to inform public health policy and practice.

Growing concern over the cost of health services, the problem of people living longer with chronic disease and the increase in health risk behaviours means that the need for public health strategies is greater than ever.

At the Public Health Institute we are influencing health service design and delivery, as well as health-related policy. We offer expertise in a range of methodologies including health research, evaluation, systematic reviews, surveillance, audit, epidemiology and statistics. The Institute draws from a wide range of honorary lecturers and professors based in the health services and other public bodies, both in the UK and abroad, in order to support multidisciplinary approaches to public health.

Following in the footsteps

Dr Duncan, the first Medical Officer of Health, and Thomas Fresh, the first environmental health practitioner in the country, were both appointed in Liverpool. If you're inspired by Liverpool's public health legacy, why not start your own journey into this exciting and challenging field by studying at the world-renowned Public Health Institute? The Institute offers well-taught, research-informed courses which open doors to fantastic career opportunities.

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