Intelligence and surveillance

Extensive experience in various data sets

Providing data collection and monitoring systems to support public health reporting, evidence review, evaluation and research.

The Public Health Intelligence Unit supports the work of the Public Health Institute through the provision of secure data collection and data storage systems. The team have extensive experience across various data sets which contribute to our surveillance systems.

Our surveillance systems:

Integrated Monitoring System (IMS)
IMS brings together a number of established monitoring systems across Cheshire and Merseyside; these include IAD/LAIKA (Syringe Exchange Scheme), BAKER (alcohol brief interventions) and GOLIATH (drug brief interventions).

Trauma and Injury Intelligence Group (TIIG)
Established to look at access to quality and reliable injury information. A major element of TIIG is the ongoing development of an Injury Surveillance System (ISS) across the North West of England. The TIIG ISS collects and reports on injury data from local emergency departments (EDs) across Merseyside, Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire and Greater Manchester. TIIG also warehouses data collected by the North West Ambulance Service.

Drug Interventions Programme (DIP)
DIP’s aim is to identify and engage with drug using offenders at every stage of the criminal justice system. At each stage the intention is to provide services tailored to clients’ specific needs, addressing issues such as housing, education, employment, finance, family relationships and health as well as offending behaviour and drug use. DIP aims to provide a beginning-to-end support system that can direct drug using offenders out of crime and into treatment.


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Further information:


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IMS Online – Data Monitoring Tool
IMS Online is a tool provided by the Intelligence and Surveillance team to record activities such as brief intervention, recovery support and syringe exchange provision for reporting to local public health commissioners. It also allows for the inclusion of activity in the Integrated Monitoring System which captures details of the non-structured treatment activity delivered by a variety of providers including syringe exchanges and substance misuse services.

HIV Tool
The HIV and AIDS data archive includes a collection of annual reports produced between 1996 and 2014. The tool also allows you to select and view data from the archive.

TIIG Interactive Maps
Interactive Maps tool allows you to interrogate the maps produced to accompany the TIIG themed reports.

SharePoint site
Our PHI monitoring SharePoint page allows data to be securely uploaded to intelligence and surveillance monitoring team.

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