International public health

Addressing key issues in international health

Committed to improving health globally through collaborative, multidisciplinary research and education.

The Public Health Institute is engaged in a range of research and networking activities that address key issues in international health policy and practice.

Our international health research includes the following topics:

  • maternal, reproductive and sexual health
  • health promotion
  • migration and refugee health
  • sex trafficking
  • violence prevention
  • substance use
  • health system research
  • capacity building activities in low and middle income countries

Our team of staff and PhD researchers are engaged in multi-disciplinary collaborations with a range of stakeholders, research institutions and international bodies.


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Further information:


Khatib N., Simkhada P., Gode D., 2014. Cardioprotective effects of ghrelin in heart failure: From gut to heart. Heart Views 2014; 15, 74-6.

Simkhada P., van Teijlingen E., Devkota B., Pathak R., Sathian B., 2014. Accessing research literature: A mixed-method study of academics in Higher Education Institutions in Nepal. Journal of Epidemiology; 4(4), 405-14.

Hughes K., Bellis M., Hardcastle K., Butchart A., Dahlberg L., Mercy J., Mikton C., 2014. Global development and diffusion of outcome evaluation research for interpersonal and self-directed violence prevention from 2007 to 2013: A systematic review. Aggression and Violent Behavior, early online, in press.

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A Targeted Health Needs Assessment of the Eastern European Population in Warrington
Hannah Madden, Jane Harris, Beccy Harrison, Dr Hannah Timpson

The impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in Eastern Europe
Professor Mark Bellis, Professor Karen Hughes

The social value of solar lights in Africa to replace the use of kerosene
Dr Lindsay Eckley, Beccy Harrison, Gayle Whelan, Dr Hannah Timpson

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Alice Rap
What works to address young people’s addictive behaviours? These webpages present a summary of the findings of ALICE-RAP project Workpackage 16 “Adolescents as Customers of Addiction”. The aim of this research was to investigate the range of policies adopted by EU Member States to address addictive behaviours in young people. This included the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs, and gambling.

Prevent Violence
The purpose of this website is to provide a violence prevention resource for policy makers, practitioners and others working to tackle and prevent violence.

European Drug Prevention Quality Standards – Phase II
Promoting Excellence in Drug Prevention in the EU – Phase II of the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards Project. The Prevention Standards provide the first European framework for high quality drug prevention. Organised in an eight-stage project cycle, the Standards outline the necessary steps in planning, implementing and evaluating drug prevention activities.

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