Research into a range of alcohol related topics

Evaluating interventions, reviewing evidence and delivering original research into alcohol consumption and harm across a range of populations and settings.

The Public Health Institute brings together intelligence from international, national and regional sources, to provide policymakers and practitioners with the latest evidence on policy, practice and interventions.

Both original research and investigations into published literature and established datasets are used to understand a range of topics including how alcohol is consumed in society; the impacts of alcohol on individuals, the workplace and communities; motivations for consumption; awareness of alcohol information; and the impacts of interventions (such as social marketing campaigns).

The Institute has conducted research with a variety of different populations and settings including the general population, specific groups – particularly underage drinkers, service providers and in workplaces. Recent work has examined levels of alcohol consumption, levels of alcohol-related harm and the effectiveness of interventions aiming to reduce such harms.


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Case studies



Evaluation of Rapid Access to Alcohol Detoxification Acute Referral (RADAR)
Dr Gordon Hay, Jane Oyston, Dr Lorna Porcellato, Hannah Madden, Kim Ross, Dr Hannah Timpson

Understanding the alcohol harm paradox in order to focus the development of interventions
Lisa Jones, Ellie McCoy, Geoff Bates, Professor Mark Bellis, Professor Harry Sumnall

Constructing alcohol identities – The role of Social Network Sites (SNS) in young peoples’ drinking cultures
Amanda Atkinson, Kim Ross, Emma Begley, Professor Harry Sumnall

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Alice Rap
What works to address young people’s addictive behaviours? These webpages present a summary of the findings of ALICE-RAP project Workpackage 16 “Adolescents as Customers of Addiction”. The aim of this research was to investigate the range of policies adopted by EU Member States to address addictive behaviours in young people. This included use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs, and gambling.

Healthy Nightlife Toolkit
The Healthy Nightlife Toolbox is an international initiative that focuses on the reduction of harm from alcohol and drug use among young people.

NightSCOPE is an online resource designed to help local policymakers and practitioners assess and strengthen their approaches to providing safe and healthy nightlife environments. It can be used for a city, town or other specified nightlife area and involves the completion of a short structured questionnaire by representatives from a range of local agencies. Responses are brought together to identify where approaches are well developed and where they could be strengthened.

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