Sexual and reproductive health

Looking into a range of topics within sexual health 

Providing intelligence, evaluation and research across a range of sexual and reproductive health related topics to support policy and service planning.

The Public Health Institute provides enhanced HIV surveillance for the North West of England by means of annual reports and an interactive online primary care trust and local authority database. This intelligence along with interactive tools, themed intelligence work and specific data requests is used to plan HIV services and prevention work across the North West of England.

We conduct service evaluations, original research and consultancy on a range of subjects including contraception, adolescents’ health, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and sex and relationship education at national and international level. Recent work has also included local rapid sexual health needs assessments, enhanced surveillance of sexually transmitted infections, evaluation of sexual adolescents’ SRH programme in Nepal, evaluations of sex and relationship education and young people’s health and wellbeing programmes and original research examining the links between teenage pregnancy and alcohol use.


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Kelly D., Hughes K., Bellis M., 2014. Work Hard, Party Harder: Drug Use and Sexual Behaviour in Young British Casual Workers in Ibiza, Spain. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 11(10), 10051-10061.

Bellis M., Hughes K., Leckenby N., Hardcastle K., Perkins C., Lowey H. 2014. Measuring mortality and the burden of adult disease associated with adverse childhood experiences in England: a national survey. Journal of Public Health, published online.

Aryal N., Marais D., Simkhada P., 2014. Cardiovascular risk factors among people being treated for HIV in Nepal. Journal of Clinical Research in HIV Aids and Prevention, 12-157.

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Sexual Health Quarterly Bulletin March 2015
Ann Lincoln, Jane Harris

Sexual Health Quarterly Bulletin December 2014
Ann Lincoln, Jane Harris

HIV and AIDs in the North West of England 2013
Jane Harris, Ann Lincoln, Mark Whitfield, Jim McVeigh

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HIV Tool
The North West HIV and AIDS Monitoring Unit at the Public Health Institute collect, collate and disseminate data on the diagnosis, treatment and care of HIV positive individuals in the North West. Annual reports and interactive PCT database are available.

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