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Dr Conan Leavey

Public and Allied Health

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Conan Leavey is a Senior Lecturer in Public Health. He is programme leader for the B.Sc. Public Health degree, CPD (M level) Violence Prevention, Reduction and Public Health programme, and PGR Co-ordinator for the School of Public and Allied Health. Specialist teaching areas include qualitative research methods, cross-cultural approaches to health, and violence as a public health issue. He has supervised a range of PhD projects, including: the use of traditional medicine in Saudi Arabia; Muslim women’s experience of UK maternity services; alcohol related harms and home brewing in rural Kenya; action research with perpetrators of domestic violence; the online purchasing of unlicensed weight loss drugs; alcohol use and hepatitis C among current and recovering injecting drug users; anabolic androgenic steroid use among men; the life histories of individuals with long term opioid use in the UK and USA; female bodybuilders' use of image and performance enhancing drugs; sex tourism in Thailand; and, the experiences of UK adult film performers. Many of his students use qualitative and participatory methods. He is presently lead supervisor for two PhD projects exploring prison populations in UK and Romania during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conan is a former Associate of the University of Zambia and has worked as a European Union Technical Advisor to the Syrian Ministry of Health. He is a Recognised Supervisor with the UK Council of Graduate Education.

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