Population health

Tackling health inequalities

Providing valuable information about the health and wellbeing of the population and helping policy makers and service providers identify areas where interventions are most needed.

Population health is a key theme in the ongoing effort to tackle health inequalities. Programmes addressing food, physical activity, women’s health, health of refugees and asylum seekers, mental health and employment remain key priorities in the public health landscape. The Public Health Institute provides expert research to inform the delivery and development of interventions and services.

We use a range of research methodologies, including evaluations, systematic review, audits, needs assessments and social return on investment, to provide evidence to inform effective commissioning. The Public Health Institute also has a dedicated telephone research team who carry out large scale telephone surveys with a particular focus on population health and wellbeing.


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Avoidable Mortality in Cumbria – A Review of 73 Fatal Road Traffic Collisions
Rachel Brown

The mental health needs of gang-affiliated young people
Professor Karen Hughes, Katie Hardcastle, Clare Perkins

Guernsey and Alderney Healthy Lifestyle Survey 2013
Professor Karen Hughes, Dr Ivan Gee, Dr Katharine Ford, Dr Phil McHale

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