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The Public Health Institute has over 800 published reports generated from external research grants and collaborative projects.

The publications cover a wide range of subjects including our specialist areas of expertise such as substance use, sexual and reproductive health, intelligence and surveillance, international public health, environment and sustainability as well as cross cutting themes such as deprivation and vulnerabilities.

Below you'll find just a sample of the publications available. For the complete list of publications visit the Institute's website.

Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs - 2016 National Survey Results
November 2017
Emma Begley, Jim McVeigh, Vivian Hope

Estimates of the Prevalence of Opiate Use and Crack Cocaine Use 2014/15
27 September 2017
Gordon Hay, Anderson Rael dos Santos, Zoe Swithenbank

Liverpool’s Drink Less Enjoy More intervention Progress monitoring report
22 September 2017
Nadia Butler, Zara Quigg, Selina Wallis, Hannah Grey, Charlotte Bigland

Worklessness in the Liverpool City Region
26 June 2017
Cath Lewis, Hannah Timpson

Worklessness in Cheshire and Warrington
26 June 2017
Cath Lewis, Hannah Timpson

The Case for Change
21 June 2017
Janet Ubido, Cath Lewis, Lisa Jones

TIIG Lancashire Alcohol-related violence across Lancashire April 2013 to March 2016
25 April 2017
Karen Critchley, Simon Russell, Mark Whitfield

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