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Expert supervision in a broad range of areas

We have a diverse range of staff with a wealth of expertise in a variety of health and applied social science disciplines to support students through their studies.

We provide an excellent environment in which to develop and supervise MPhil and PhD students and have a thriving postgraduate research programme where students are seen as a valued and integral part of the research culture. Expert-based supervision can be offered on a range of topics and areas including alcohol; drugs; violence; sexual health; tobacco; obesity; injury; population health; intelligence and surveillance; environment and sustainability; paramedicine and international public health.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in pursuing a PhD.

Featured PhD Studies

Below you'll find some examples of current PhD studies:

  • Providing support and information to men who use anabolic steroids to improve health and manage risk
  • Experiences of persons with disabilities during the Nepal earthquake 2015: A qualitative study
  • Study of the growth of ‘hedonistic intoxication’ and pursuit of deliberate drunkenness as characteristics of university students’ drinking styles
  • How do dating apps influence the health of LGBT+ people? Cross-cultural research in the UK and USA
  • Health promotion or self-promotion? Examining the role of professional YouTubers in young people’s health identity and behaviours in the UK
  • Investigating sexualised drug use among LGBT people
  • Investigation into the effect of second-hand smoke on children’s fitness
  • Alcohol use by nightlife patrons in the UK and Brazil: a comparative study
  • Exploring the social dimensions and public health consequences of sex tourism in the context of PrEP in England
  • The motivations, sexual behaviours and public health implications of sex tourists travelling to Thailand: a contemporary grounded theory framework
  • Psychosocial interventions for smoking cessation in substance misuse treatment services
  • Exploring the impact of the changing governmental organisation following the introduction of a federal republic in Nepal on quality of care in maternal and neonatal health

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