Research Unit for Financial Inclusion

Practical, evaluative and action-oriented research

Enabling the financial health, stability and resilience of low and moderate-income communities.

The Research Unit for Financial Inclusion (RUFI) aims to generate knowledge and understanding that will assist Government, policy makers, financial providers, communities and agencies to build the financial health and resilience of individuals and communities in Britain and internationally.

RUFI undertakes independent research into issues central to the development of credit unions, co-operatives and social enterprise, and to the future of low and moderate-income consumer finance. Recognised as a leader in credit union research, the Unit has developed research activities aimed at strengthening credit union capacity and effectiveness. It has wide experience of working collaboratively with the money and debt advice sector.

Our expertise

  • Social and financial exclusion, poverty and over indebtedness
  • The dynamics and operation of low income financial market
  • Credit and low-income consumers
  • Credit union organisation and management (including business development, marketing, product development, entrepreneurship, human resources, accounting and finance)
  • Community development and third sector financial initiatives, co-operatives, social and micro enterprises and business development within low income communities.
  • The policies, practice and operation of the welfare benefit system
  • Financial capability education and money advice
  • Young people and financial matters
  • Anti-poverty and financial inclusion strategies within urban and rural regeneration
  • Community development approaches to financial inclusion
  • Working collaboratively with academic and practitioner partners in the European Union

As well as undertaking research for publication in academic journals, RUFI focuses upon practical, evaluative and action-oriented research aimed at generating meaningful findings for organisations, agencies and non-technical readers. The overall aim of the Unit is to further practical knowledge and understanding that will assist in ensuring the financial health, stability and resilience of low and moderate income communities and individuals.

Current projects

Financial Literacy for Social Inclusion (FINCARE) is an EU-funded, Erasmus+ project which focuses on credit union governance and financial education. Find out more about FINCARE.


RUFI has worked on a number of projects with, and is a member of the European Financial Inclusion Network. We also work closely with the National Romanian Credit Union Association (UNCARRS) with an aim to share knowledge and experience on how individuals and small enterprises can access affordable credit through British and Romanian credit unions.

RUFI promotes research seminars, conferences and symposia for the benefit of academics, policy makers and practitioners.

Continuing professional development course

RUFI offers an opportunity to deepen your theoretical and practical understanding of financial health, education and inclusion.



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For more papers see the RUFI staff profiles


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Contact us

RUFI undertakes research throughout the UK and internationally. Please contact RUFI for further information and details.

Paul A Jones

As well as being the lead for the RUFI, Paul is also the editor of the Journal of Co-operative Studies.

You can get in touch with Paul at:

Research Unit for Financial Inclusion
Liverpool John Moores University
79 Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, L2 2ER

Call: +44(0) 151 231 4064