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Digital Marketing and Retailing research group

Our mission is to become a leading research and enterprise hub in the areas of digital marketing and retailing

The Digital Marketing and Retailing (DMR) research group was established in November 2018 as part of Liverpool Business School. We are a group of academics and scholarly informed practitioners with great experience in delivering ground-breaking academic, market research and consultancy projects on the subject areas of digital marketing and retailing. Our members have led and participated in significant academic, enterprise and policy making projects and have produced world class publications that have advanced the fields of marketing and retailing.


Our Expertise

  • Digital marketing communications
  • Consumer psychology and behaviour in digital environments
  • Digital retailing strategies
  • Omni-channel and multichannel marketing
  • Digital ecosystems and online communities
  • Financial reporting and governance in the digital environment
  • Digital innovation

Other full members

Amanda Ordish

DBA Candidates

Katherine Geer - "A consumer driven approach to brand personality development in Higher Education"

PhD Candidates

Nezar Mufti - "Investigating the Influences of Identity and Self on the Consumption Behaviour of the Geek Subculture of Great Britain"

Andrew Doyle - "An Investigation into the Adoption of Neuromarketing Techniques as an Ideology within Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Companies"

Nargis Ali - "Factors affecting Muslim women's choices on clothing in UK - A study of Modest Fashion in clothing retail"

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16 papers found

  • Journal article

    Modelling Services Continuance Intention: Evidence from Apps Stores

    Ng SL, Rezael S and Valaei N and Iranmanesh M

    Publish date:29/09/2022

  • Journal article

    “How mAy I help you today?” The use of AI chatbots in small family businesses and the moderating role of customer affective commitment

    Rizomyliotis I, Kastanakis MN, Giovanis A and Konstantoulaki K and Kostopoulos I

    Publish date:30/08/2022

  • Internet publication

    Unleash your inner geek: using maths to prepare graduates for a data driven future

    Phillips C, Brown J and Alaoui Mhamdi A and Wall T

    Publish date:10/08/2022

  • Journal article

    How do Design Aspects Influence the Attractiveness of Cycling Streetscapes: Results of Virtual Reality Experiments in The Netherlands

    Bialkova S and Ettema D and Dijst M

    Publish date:01/07/2022

  • Journal article

    Social commerce advertising avoidance and shopping cart abandonment: A fs/QCA analysis of German consumers

    Khan A and Rezaei S and Valaei N

    Publish date:01/07/2022

  • Journal article

    Can eye trackers and EEG be used by small-medium marketing and advertising agencies? A qualitative study.

    Yfantidou I and Riskos K and Tsourvakas G

    Publish date:27/06/2022

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