Dr Adnane Alaoui Mhamdi

Liverpool Business School

After earning a BBA in Marketing from HEC-Montreal - Canada, Adnane has completed an MSc in Marketing at Drexel University- Philadelphia, USA. He worked in the International department of Johnson & Johnson-USA, before shifting to teaching in higher education in 1999. He acted as a Marketing consultant for the European Union (EU), and for the United Nation’s Industrial Development Organization (ONIDO). In 2012, Adnane earned a PhD degree from The University of Edinburgh, where he was also involved in teaching for 2 years. Presently, he holds a Senior Lecturer position in Marketing at Liverpool John Moores University.

Internet publication

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Journal article

Alaoui Mhamdi A, Flambard V. Do consumer's sensory cues' preferences in retail differ between neighbouring countries? European Journal of International Management (EJIM), DOI Publisher Url