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Inspiring, exploring and progressing the research of tourism, travel, culture and heritage

What we do

Tourism, Travel, Culture and Heritage exist as individual and interlinked socially produced activities that play an important role in the visitor and creative industries economic sectors of many national economies across the globe. They involve the movement of millions of people annually and impact on the lives of millions of others.

Tourism, Travel, Culture and Heritage Research Group


The Tourism, Travel, Culture and Heritage Research Group (TTCH) reflects the inter- and multi-disciplinary nature of these topics. It is composed of researchers with a range of research backgrounds, methodological approaches and expertise drawn from both UK and international contexts. We have a record of successful supervision of both home and international students and are currently involved in a number of internally and externally funded research projects.

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire, explore and progress research regarding the multi-faceted nature of tourism, travel, culture and heritage.

Areas of expertise

  • Art history
  • British merchant marine travel and marketing
  • Cultural heritage
  • Dark tourism
  • Heritage management
  • Identity, selfhood and the body
  • Information systems and digital business
  • Irish studies
  • Mobility and international migration
  • Museum studies
  • Operations and logistics
  • Sustainable tourism and events
  • World intangible cultural heritage

Research approaches

  • Auto-ethnography
  • Conceptual research
  • Deep mapping
  • Digital mapping
  • Ethnography
  • Foucauldian and Deleuzian-based frameworks and methodologies
  • Interviews
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Observation techniques
  • Oral history
  • Semiotic analysis
  • Text mining, data mining and machine learning

Group members/people

DBA Candidates

Martin Hudson  - “We can work it out?” Is the current perceptions of Liverpool as a visitor destination related to the Beatles industry and what are the issues faced by Urban based Destination/Place Management Organisation, as it navigates a complex multi-stakeholder environment?

TTCH member Jo Vincett is undertaking her DBA working with a local small consultancy to collaborate in an action research project. The working title is 'Protecting the civilian search and rescue fleet in the Central Mediterranean'. For more details please see the project website too:

PhD Candidates

Pinaki Dutta - "An Evaluation of the Role of Gastronomy within the Destination Image of Singapore"

Hsiang-Ying Cheng - "Curriculum development process on undergraduate event management course: a comparative study of Taiwan and England"

Binod Mainali - "Getting the industry into education and getting education into the industry'. A critical evaluation of tourism education and training in a developing country: Nepal"

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6 papers found

  • Journal article

    What’s both massive and slender, and thin but convincing?

    Gandy R

    Publish date:01/10/2021

  • Journal article

    The construction of intangible cultural heritage: A Foucauldian critique

    Melis C and Chambers D

    Publish date:01/07/2021

  • Chapters

    Are Women empowered producers of tourism in Pakistan?

    Andrews H and Sayira S and Ayesha Q-U-A

    Publish date:16/04/2021

  • Chapters

    Overtourism Dystopias and Socialist Utopias: Toward an Urban Armature for Dubrovnik

    Panayiotopoulos A and Pisano C

    Publish date:30/03/2021

  • Journal article

    Art collecting as consumption and entrepreneurial marketing as strategy

    Fillis I and Lehman K

    Publish date:04/03/2021

  • Journal article

    Allowing for unemployment in productivity measurement

    Gandy R and Mulhearn C

    Publish date:01/01/2021

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Current externally funded research projects

  • A Well-Trodden Path: The History and Heritage of Mass Paths in Ireland funded by a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant.
  • Abandoned spaces in China and how they can become cultural hubs funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council/Newton China Fund.
  • Visual Voyages financially initially funded by Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Current internally funded research projects

  • The Evaluation of social impacts of a World Intangible Cultural Expression Event: The case of the Annual Carnival Bell Ringers Pageant from the Kastav Region (Croatia).
  • An examination of the cultural, economic and historical significance of the Duke of Lancaster ‘Funship’ at Llannerch-y-Môr, Flintshire.
  • Jamaican contemporary art exhibition to be curated Christmas 2020- June 2021 at the Victoria Gallery, Liverpool.

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Recent activities

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