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Dr Jack Sugden

Liverpool Business School

Faculty of Business and Law

Jack has 11 years’ experience working in the sport for development and peace field and has managed, coordinated and researched such projects in Israel/Palestine, South Africa, West Africa, Jordan, Northern Ireland, and most recently Colombia.
Jack is a founding member of the 'Action for Refugees’ network and has undergone participant ethnographies into rugby and identity in Fiji and mental health in mixed martial arts. Most recently Jack has been working closely with the Fans Supporting Foodbanks movement to help them measure their impact and grow their influence as part of the '#Right to Food' campaign. His research interests lie sport, power and politics and his ongoing work around sport for social change and advocacy for reform in global sport governance.


2017, The University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, PhD
2012, Queens University, Belfast, United Kingdom, Masters in Comparative Ethnic Conflict
2009, The university of Manchester, United Kingdom, BA Hons International Politics


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Books (authored)

Reeves MJ, Hayton JW. 2016. Sport Development 101 Routledge. London DOI Publisher Url


Sugden J. Sport and Integration: An exploration of group identity and intergroup relations in Fiji Schulenkorf NICO, Adair DARYL, Frawley STEVE, Edwards DEBORAH.


Rising star award, Liverpool Business School. 2024

LBS Sustainability in Research and Knowledge Exchange Award, Liverpool Business School. 2023

2016 Research Award - $2000, Sport Management Australia and New Zealand, 2016

Public engagement:

Public talk or lecture, local adults, volunteers, foodbank organisers, member of parliament, councillor, Merseyside Health Minister, Organiser and speaker, CASA, 29 Hope Street, Fans Supporting Foodbanks reaserch and impact presentation, Fans Supporting Foodbanks presentation of research and impact to local volunteers, MPs, health minister and councillors. 2024

Media Coverage:

Wrote a long read/insights piece for The Conversation around the research I am leading into Fans Supporting Foodbanks 2023

Article in The Conversation 2020

External PGR examinations performed:

Western University, Sydney, PhD, Indo-Fijian Women as Subversive Bodies in Fiji’s Sporting Arena: An Arts-based Study. 2022

The University of Adelaide, PhD, Sport and Livelihoods of Young People in Suva, Fiji: A Sustainable Livelihoods Analysis. 2022

The University of Ulster, PhD, An Analysis of the Management Process in Sport for Development Projects in Northern Ireland. 2021

Fiji National University, PhD, The phenomenon of forced migration: A socio-economic and cultural journey of the internally displaced Indo-Fijian farmers. 2017

External collaboration:, Parliment, MP Ian Byrne - statement of impact. 2022, The Colombian ministry of sport - Coldeportes, FUNDACION BUEN PUNTO. 2020

Research Grants Awarded:

British Academy, ‘Fans Supporting Foodbanks’: civil society activism and resistance through sport, Dr Clay Gransden LJMU, Dr Matthew Hindmarsh LJMU, Grant value (£): 8,000, Duration of research project: 2 years. 2022

External committees:

Directors board, Football for Peace International, Director, 2016