Making a difference to our communities

Through our place within local communities, the Liverpool City Region and beyond, LJMU is committed to working in partnership with people and organisations to make a difference.

From the earliest origins of the university, we’ve had a deep bond between ourselves and the city and region we call home.

We have, throughout our history, sought to work in partnership to address the social, structural and economic conditions of Liverpool and its wider city region. This goal remains the driving force behind our work now: to make a difference at home and further afield.

We have a distinct place, as an anchor institution and active partner, in our city and region. We share a spirit of adventure and innovation with local communities striving to make a difference and put something back, helping to solve the problems of the 21st century.

Making a difference is what a university should be about. It is what we are about. It is who we are. It is Liverpool John Moores University and our place in Liverpool and the Liverpool City Region.