What you need to do now

Before the start of each academic year all students must complete the online registration form in My LJMU to ensure that their details are correct. If you don’t complete this form we won’t be able to enrol you onto your programme of study.

New students will receive an email with details of how to complete this once their offers are confirmed. Existing students will be emailed to their LJMU student account approximately 4-6 weeks before they are due to return with information about completing the registration process.

How to register

If you are a new student, you’ll first need to activate your LJMU computer account before you can complete your online registration. To do this you’ll need your six or seven digit student ID number, you’ll find this on your registration email. Next, go to My LJMU and click on the My Account tile. Select   Activate My Account and follow the instructions to set up your LJMU username and password.

If you are having any difficulty with your username or logging into My LJMU or My Services please see the guidance notes.

Once you have activated your LJMU account you should go to My LJMU and complete your on-line registration. You'll also find information there about completing your ID check and uploading a photo for your student card.

In addition to the completing the registration form and uploading your ID and photo for your student card, all international students must complete this online form and return scans of your supporting documentation to registrationdocuments@ljmu.ac.uk. Your form will list the exact requirements for supporting documents once you specify your specific circumstances. Upon completion of this process, your student ID card can be released.

Once you have completed the registration form, uploaded your identification and a photo for your student card, your LJMU student ID card will be printed and posted to you at your home address. If you live outside of the UK, this will be posted to your UK address once you have arrived in the UK.

If you have any queries please contact us at Student Registration or by completing a student enquiry form or by phone on 0151 231 3289. You’ll find lots more useful information that will help you plan for the start of your course further down this page.

University policies

All students are required to follow the university’s approved IT terms and conditions of use and other policies and procedures as outlined in their Conditions of Enrolment. Please follow the links provided to read the details.

Getting ready for the new academic year

Once you’ve completed registration you should log into Canvas. Here you’ll find important induction information, including your induction timetable and details about your programme of study. You can also access your Induction Timetable directly by selecting the programme tab, select your school and programme, week (52 in most cases) and click ‘view timetable’ to find your induction page.

Many students choose to use their own laptops for their studies. If you are planning on using your own laptop, we have guidance and training available for the services you can access remotely using your own computer. Here amongst other things you'll find important information on downloading your free copies of Microsoft Office, accessing Wifi and how to access all the software you need remotely.

Along with organisations up and down the country, we are adapting to challenges presented by the coronavirus crisis. Our campus has been adapted to ensure that it is safe, we control the flow of people around our buildings and we are putting in place measures to deal with the large numbers of students and staff that make our university so friendly and lively. Please take a look: LJMU Moving Forward.

Once you are here, you can find a GP in your local neighbourhood by visiting the NHS website (to find your nearest GP, you will need to know the postcode of your accommodation).


If you have any queries please contact us at Student Registration or by completing a student enquiry form or by phone on 0151 231 3289.

Faq Items

When will I get my timetable?

Induction week timetables are being created and you will start to see them your My LJMU app and on our timetable pages.

What laptop or other equipment do I need?

Many of our students choose to purchase their own laptop. If you are planning on buying a laptop for your studies we recommend you buy a device with Windows as its operating system in order to ensure the most seamless and straightforward access to LJMU IT systems. For most courses a Windows laptop with an Intel i5 processor, 512gb solid state drive and 8Gb Memory will meet all of your IT needs. If your course involves working with a lot of graphics or very complex calculations and/or large data sets, you may need a more powerful device with an i7 processor, 16 or 32Gb Memory and a separate graphics processor. If you are considering a Chromebook, please be aware that some difficulties have been encountered when accessing certain software products from these devices.

LJMU has excellent IT facilities and support available in our two libraries, the Learning Commons in the Student Life building and the many social spaces around campus during semesters. These facilities are available for you to access throughout your studies and will provide you with all the equipment you will need in order to undertake and complete all the online or IT based aspects of your course. Some of the computers based at Avril Robarts Library have the higher power and graphics capability described above and you will be able to book these as a student here.

We suggest you do not buy a printer – LJMU offers a printing service that is economical and convenient to use when you need it (though lots of your assignments will be submitted electronically). You can send your documents to our printers at any time and pick up your output at any printer within 18 hours of sending it. Home printers may seem a bargain at first glance, but the ink cartridges often contain very little ink to start with, and replacement cartridges can be very expensive.

A USB stick – you shouldn’t need one (except in a small number of cases - your tutor(s) will let you know if that applies to you). You will not be able to put a USB stick into any University computer, unless your tutor has applied for an exemption on your behalf. They are blocked to prevent viruses and other malicious software from spreading to the University network. You should use your Free OneDrive cloud storage instead, to have access to your files on any internet connected device – including your own phone, tablet, laptop etc. 

What if I don’t like my course when I start?

We have limited places available on our courses so contact courses@ljmu.ac.uk ASAP if you want to enquire about studying something different.

What do I do if I don't like my accommodation or flat mates?

You should always contact the on-site accommodation staff in the first instance as they are best placed to rectify any problems. If they are unable to assist or you don't feel that they are taking the issue seriously then the next step is to contact Student Advice and Wellbeing.