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Essential information for new students

What you need to do now

As a new student you need to complete the following steps so that you are fully prepared to start your course at LJMU

Completing Steps 1 - 3 means you can join the Fast Track queue when you come to complete your enrolment at LJMU. If you don't, you will have to complete them using a PC in the Library before enrolling. This could take some time and you will have to queue for longer.
Click Step 4 and log on using your LJMU username and password to access the timetable for the start of your course – also known as induction - and other important information. If you have any queries please contact the Student Registration Helpline (tel: 0151 231 3289, 9.00am-4.30pm Monday to Friday).
Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page for other useful information that will help you plan for the start of your course.

1. Activate your LJMU computer account

A new window or tab will open up in your browser giving you instructions on how to set up your LJMU computer account. You will need to type in your name, date of birth and your Student ID number (it starts with PN followed by a six digit number) in order to set this up. Your Student ID number will be at the top of your starter pack letter or joining instructions email. 

If you are an international student it will also be on your CAS. You will be issued with your LJMU username and asked to set a password of your choice. Remember this is important information, so keep it secure. You will need both your username and password to complete Steps 2 and 3.

Activate your account

2. Upload a photo for your student ID card

You need to upload a sensible looking photo of yourself similar to a passport photo, but you are allowed to smile. No-one else should be visible in the picture. Please use a desktop computer/laptop rather than a mobile device to complete this process. 

Photos cannot be less than 280x360 pixels in size. You can upload BMP, GIF, EXIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF files and you will be able to crop your photo online.

Upload your photo

3. Complete your online registration

You will need to type in your LJMU username and password to complete your registration. Once you've done this, click on the 'Start Registration' link, and then you will be asked to check, and if appropriate update, a range of personal information plus the name of your programme to ensure that you are registered on the right one. 

Remember: you can complete sections at different times, just remember to save any changes as you go along before you log out. If you have any queries, read these top tips for completing the student registration form or contact the Student Registration Helpline:

Start registration

If you are a returning student, once you have completed your registration, you do not need to do anything further. Timetables will be available week commencing 16 September.

4. Log on using your LJMU username and password to access important information about the start of your course

We're about to connect you to our systems to obtain your personalised information. Please be patient as this will take a short time to load. When you click on the button below, you may be prompted to enter your LJMU username and password.

Get your details

5. Upload your tuition fee sponsor letter

Upload your sponsor letter

Note: If you’re not already logged on you will be sent to a Login page which from the "My Services" page, navigate to "Sponsorship-Tuition Fee Payment" page (see below) and Upload Sponsor Letter.  

My LJMU Forms

Don’t forget, all students are required to follow the University’s approved IT terms and conditions of use and other policies and procedures as outlined in your Conditions of Enrolment and the Student Handbook.

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