Understanding your LJMU timetable

Below we guide you through all the essential information regarding your timetables.

Your set of timetables

As an LJMU student you will have access to three timetables.

Induction Week Timetable

You can access your induction week timetable from Thursday 15 August 2024, after you receive confirmation of your place at LJMU. You must attend all activities and induction week sessions for your course. This will help to set you up for university life. Timetables are still being finalised, so check back on your induction timetable regularly for updates.

Please note:
You can use the filters to find the induction activities and sessions that you must attend. Input your year of study, school and programme name to find your timetable.

General Programme Timetable

Your general programme timetable will be available from Saturday 7 September 2024. This will show all the group and module activities happening on your course. It provides students with an overview of the entire teaching schedule. Don’t worry, your personal timetable will streamline these sessions for you.

Please note:
Each session will list the time, room and duration, along with the type of session. This could be a lecture, seminar, or online via Canvas.

Personal Timetable

Once you have completed your student registration and all your modules have been added, you can access your personal timetable from sometime in the week starting Monday 16 September 2024. This shows you which group and module activities you should attend for your course and is tailored to you.

Please note:
Some courses may not have personal timetables, and this will be clear when you try to view yours.

Accessing your timetables

You can access your induction and programme timetables on the Timetables platform.

Your personal timetable will be added to your My LJMU account under My Timetable once you are fully enrolled on all your modules.

Please note:
Most of our students will be starting on Monday 16 September 2024. Students starting their studies at other times in the year will be contacted directly about their course start date and induction.

I still need help understanding my timetables

As an LJMU student, you must attend all your timetabled sessions throughout induction week and the academic year.

You can find more information on the student timetable guidance webpage if you need further help. This includes an explanation of the room and building codes used in your timetable.

If you have further questions about your timetables, please submit a student enquiry form on My LJMU.