Understanding your timetable

There are two ways you can view your student timetable at LJMU – the timetable for your whole programme group or your individual personalised timetable.

Both contain the information for your induction week, to help get you set up at university. You must attend all activities and induction week sessions set for your course.

General programme timetable

The first timetable you’ll have access to is a general programme timetable. This will show all of the group and module activities happening on your course so that you have an overview of the entire teaching schedule. Don’t worry you won’t necessarily need to attend all of these activities, that’s where your personal timetable comes in.

Personal timetable

The second timetable you will be able to view is your personal timetable. This will show you which group and module activities you should attend for your course and is individual to you. It’s only available once you are fully enrolled and registered for all your modules so it might not appear as soon as the general programme timetables.

When will I get my timetable?

Some courses have different start and induction dates, but most general programme timetables should already be available for those starting their studies in January 2024. If not, they will be available by Thursday 30 November 2023.

As long as you've completed your online student registration (don’t worry if you haven’t you can complete your registration easily online) then you will be able to access your personal timetable from Monday 8 January 2024. There are a handful of courses where personal timetables will not be available.

We know that some students would like to get their personal timetables earlier than this and we wish we could share them earlier too. But to make sure we get it right first time, we have to wait until registration and module choices are all finalised before we can set your timetables in stone.

Please note
Timetable release dates for students starting their studies in September 2024 will be shared in summer 2024.

Accessing your timetable

You can access and view your timetable in different ways:

  • By visiting the timetables webpages - we recommend this as your starting point as it gives you a lot of important information. You can access the links below from the webpages as well.
  • On the LJMU Timetables section of the My LJMU web platform to view your general programme timetable.
  • On the My Timetable section of the My LJMU web platform to view your personal timetable (after Monday 8 January 2024 and when you are fully enrolled).
  • By downloading the My LJMU app, via the Apple App Store or Google Play, to view your timetable on your phone.

Navigating and searching the general programme timetable

You can use the filters to find the activities and sessions that you must attend. Input your year of study, school and programme name, which you will find in your offer letter, to find your timetable. There is more advice on the timetables webpages on how to search.

Navigating your personal timetable

Each teaching session on your timetable will contain the time, room location and duration of the session so you know when and where to attend.

You can also see the type of session you need to attend, such as a lecture, seminar or an online Canvas (our digital learning environment) session. There is more advice on the timetables webpages on how to understand your timetable, including the room and building codes.

What next?

Make sure you check your timetable regularly, especially in the first couple of weeks of study, just in case your tutor or lecturer isn’t available, or the room needs maintenance work and we have to make changes.

I still need help understanding my timetables

If you're still having any difficulties finding or understanding your timetables, you can find more information on the timetabling webpages.

Please note
As an LJMU student you are expected to attend all of your timetabled sessions throughout your induction week and the academic year.