Moving in

Advice from LJMU’s Accommodation Office

Moving into your student accommodation is an incredibly exciting time; it’s a big milestone that marks the start of your university experience. To help things go smoothly, and to make sure you are fully prepared, here is some advice from our Accommodation Office.

When should I arrive at my accommodation?

Your hall owner will contact you with your move-in time slot, which will be in the period from Thursday, 16 to Saturday, 18 September. You must arrive during this allocated slot because of the need to manage the numbers arriving at each hall each day.

It will not be possible to move in to your hall before your allocated slot under any circumstances.  If you cannot arrive within the slot, you can arrive on a later day or on any time on Sunday, 19 September instead.  However, you must inform the hall owner of your intention to do so. All queries about the move-in process should be directed to the hall owner and not to LJMU.

The only exceptions are for new Nursing and Midwifery students who can move into their accommodation from Saturday, 4 September and Saturday, 11 September onwards respectively.

The vast majority of new students will have arrived in Liverpool by tea-time on Sunday 19 September. Monday 20 September is the start of Induction and Welcome Week and all new students need to have arrived at LJMU by this date.

What should I bring to the accommodation?

You will need to bring whatever paperwork and ID documents have been requested by your hall and by LJMU itself. You will need to bring all your own bedding - except for the mattress - as well as personal items such as towels. All kitchens in our halls include at least one cooker, fridge-freezer and microwave but you will need some pans, utensils, crockery and cutlery. You will also need a toaster and kettle because tea and toast are essential features of student life. 

We do not recommend bringing too many kitchen items at first because you may find that some of your flatmates have done the same and no one needs six toasters! There are many discount stores in Liverpool city-centre within easy walking distance of your hall such as Wilko, Argos and the student favourite, Home Bargains.

Your flat may contain a communal TV and if so, the Licence will have been purchased for it. You will need to buy a Licence for any device that you bring, if you plan to watch or record live programmes - visit the TV Licensing website.

You are free to bring what you want for your bedroom, subject to any list of restricted items that your hall provider has given you. But it is important to remember that your hall bedroom may be smaller than you have at home, especially if it has an en-suite bathroom. It is not wise to overload your living space with too many items and in particular you should think very carefully about bringing a large TV.  As a rule of thumb, if you cannot get all your stuff into the boot and back seat of a family car, then you are probably bringing too much.