Race Equality Charter

What is the Race Equality Charter?

Advance HE’s RACE Equality Charter provides a framework through which institutions work to identify and self-reflect on institutional and cultural barriers standing in the way of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and students. Member institutions develop initiatives and solutions for action.

About Race Equality Charter at LJMU

Liverpool John Moores University joined the Race Equality charter in 2022 and was first presented with an Institutional Bronze Award in 2022, in recognition of ongoing work relating to race equality.

The Institutional Race Equality Charter working group is co-chaired by Tina Purkis, Executive HR Director and Ndy Ekere, PVC for the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

Meet the University Wide Self-Assessment Team (SAT)

Tina Purkis - Executive Director Human Resources - White (British)
Chair of Race Equality Charter working Group

Dr Atif Waraich – Head of Computer Science – Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity
REC Deputy Chair

Prof. Rafid Al-Khaddar - Head of Civil Engineering - Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity
Deputy Chair RECWG

Moni Akinsanya – Head of Diversity and Inclusion – Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity
REC expertise

Greg Thompson – Head of HR Business Services and Leadership Development Foundation - White
Responsible for overseeing delivery of workforce Diversity and Inclusion priority plans

Jon Low-Hang – HR Data Analyst – Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity
Producing, designing charts and graphs for further analysis for the Race Quarter

Peter Dolan – Outreach Manager – White (British)
Assisted with analysing staff data and narrative

Paula McGuffie - Library Technology and Digital Innovation Manager - White (British)
RACE equality Officer for Library Services

Dr Elena Zaitseva – Academic Research and Development Officer – White (Other)
Member of the attainment Gap council

Ester Ragonese – Associate Dean Education (Faculty of arts) – White (Other)
Member of the faculty leadership team

Prof. Mike Riley – Director, centre for Built Environment – White (British)
Providing ELT and academic leadership input into the work of RECWG

Dr Denise Lee – Programme Leader (Civil Engineering) – Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity
Co-chair of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity network

Dr Shaqil Chaudry – Head of Pharmacy and Biomedical Science – Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity
Provided narrative on teaching and learning, drawing on his experience of curriculum design and pedagogy.

Dr Cynthia Akewi – Reader Internal Business and Strategy – Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity
Provided expert advice due to experience - Faculty Diversity and Inclusion lead, UCU EDI Vice-Chair, Member UCU National Black Standing Committee, School Diversity and Inclusion committee, Member of the LJMU Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity network.

Dr Fyaz Ismail – Section Leader – Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity
Assisted with research into the local context for LJMU REC Application.

Elaine Smith Freeman – University Councillor – Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity
Researched into the History of Liverpool in relation to race equality for REC application.

Dr Natalie Holland – Research Officer – White (British)
Provided evaluation and data analysis support to initiatives undertaken as part of LJMU’s Access and Participation Plan including activity addressing the disparity in experience between students of different ethnic backgrounds.

Philomene Uwamaliya – Lecturer/Senior Lecturer - Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity
Contributed to the work on staff profile, professional support, recruitment progression of staff; analysed data and devised necessary actions.

Zia Chaudhry – Director of Citizenship – Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity
Contributor to researching and shaping the institutional context and narrative around teaching and learning.

Prof. Abir Hussain – Professor of Biomedical Sciences – Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity
Assisted with analysing the staff and student data and providing the narrative to support the analysis.

Lila Tamea – Student Body Representative/Former President JMSU – Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity
Active champion of Race equality in and outside of LJMU. Introduced and co-chair the Attainment Gap Council and have been a key player in projects to reduce barriers to participation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity students.