Email and mobile devices

The University provides all staff and students with a University email account.  These pages tell you everything you need to know to make the most of your email service.

Faq Items

About your LJMU Email Account

All staff and students are given an LJMU email account to send and receive emails throughout their time at the University.  (You also get access to the calendar and task tools to manage your diary and workload electronically)

Your email address

Staff email addresses take the form:


Student email addresses take the form:

where xxxx is the year when you first started your studies at LJMU.    So, a student called Zack Zebra who started in 2017 would have the email address:   

If a student’s initial and surname combination is a common one, e.g. J and Smith, then it’s likely that there will be other students with the same initial and surname in his/her year, so we add a number at the end of the email address to make it unique e.g.

How do I get more space for my emails?

Everybody gets the same amount of email storage space  (a “quota”) to start with, but you can ask for more if you run out.  We encourage you to do some basic housekeeping first though and delete the messages you definitely no longer need, but remember that you need to empty your deleted items folder to get the space back.

Still need more email space after tidying up?  Just go to our self-service portal (, choose Request Something From Us, then Mailbox Size Increase.

How Do I Access my LJMU Email from a PC or laptop?

From a University PC

Just click the Email icon on your PC desktop!  As soon as you log on, this is automatically configured to go straight to your email account and you don’t need to do any setup. Whether you’re a staff member using a PC on your desk, or a student using a PC in a library, classroom or social zone, it’s all set up and ready for you to use.  

From a University Laptop

Exactly the same as on a fixed/desktop PC – just click the Email icon on the desktop, but please note that the laptop needs to be connected to the internet to access any University services, including email.

From your own PC or laptop

Provided you have internet access, the following options are available:

Access email and more: you can use the Off Campus Applications Service to access your email, personal file storage and a variety of software.

Just email: For just email, you can use the Outlook Web App to connect to your email in a web browser.  You can access this from the LJMU home page: or - just click the Email tile

How do I access email using Outlook on my home pc or laptop

How Do I Set Up an Electronic Signature?

Please follow the Create Electronic Signature  instructions which will automatically create a signature of your choice that you can configure to automatically include at the foot of any email you create. 

Thanks to some clever technology, this signature will follow you around from one LJMU PC to another, so you’ll have your signature whether you’re writing emails from your own desk, your LJMU laptop (or a student loan laptop), or any other LJMU PC.

How Do I Set My Out of Office

Whenever you are on leave or away on University business, it is useful to your colleagues and contacts outside of the University to know that you may not respond to their message for a while.

Microsoft Outlook lets you set up a simple message and have it automatically sent to anyone that emails you (it can be varied for internal and external senders).  You can edit the content of the message to whatever you want, including providing alternate contact information if relevant. You can even tell Outlook in advance when to start and stop sending auto-replies, so you don’t have to remember all of this at the last minute before you leave the office.

To set yours up, please follow the Out of Office instructions

VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT set up your own rule to do this – use the built in Automatic Replies feature referred to above, which will ensure that your automatic reply has a standard subject that automated systems are configured to ignore.  This avoids thousands of emails being created by systems continually replying to each other, filling up your mailbox.

How to add a Shared Mailbox in Outlook

In order for you to add a shared mailbox to appear in your own Outlook you will need to do the following:

In Outlook, Choose, File > Account Settings,

  • Click on Change
  • Click on More Settings.  (You will get an alert – Click on OK)
  • Click on the Advanced Tab, Click Add and type in <YourMailboxName>
  • Click OK, then Click on Apply and then OK
  • Click Next (You will get an alert – Click on OK)
  • Click on Finish and then Click on Close

The mailbox should appear on the left hand side at the bottom of your list of folders.

To use ‘Send As’ from the email address

  • Click New Mail, Choose Options, Select From which will add the extra field into your email template.
  • Then click on the down arrow in the From field and add the email address of the mailbox.
  • When you need to send an email from your shared mailbox address, you can select it.

*** Please Note: ***

  1. You may need to logoff your PC and log back on again to view the new mailbox. 
  2. If you are still unable to see the mailbox (or use 'Send As') please be aware that replication on the Exchange Servers can sometimes take approx. 24 hours.