Accessing LJMU Email on a Smartphone or Tablet

Your LJMU email runs on the Microsoft Exchange email system.  To allow you to connect to your email, calendar and contacts from anywhere in the world on your phone or tablet, we have enabled Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. 

This works with Apple (iPhone/iPad), Android and Windows devices, and also allows you to synchronise your calendar and contacts from your phone and Microsoft Outlook. 

General instructions - all devices

The terms used when setting up each device may vary, so you may see references to Microsoft Exchange / ActiveSync or EAS (Exchange ActiveSync Server) account depending on your particular device. 

You will need the following information for all devices.

  • Server name:
  • Domain name: USERS (if prompted)
  • Email address: e.g. (for staff) for students.
  • Your normal LJMU username and password (e.g. ITSJBLOG)

On most devices, you can choose to sync just your email, your calendar, your contacts or a combination of all three.

You can also choose how often to sync when new mail arrives (push email), e.g. every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, every day.  These settings can affect the battery life of your device though, so choose the most appropriate options for your device and your way of working.

NB. If you are using mobile data, always check your data costs first as this can be expensive, especially when abroad. It’s a good idea to use a wireless network where it is available, especially when setting up a new device up the first time.

Apple Devices iPhones and iPads

To configure your iPhone or iPad to use Activesync

1. From your device Settings menu choose:

Passwords & Accounts > Add Account

Mobile 1

2. From the Add Account list

Select Exchange

Mobile Setup Step 2

3. Enter your email address (e.g. and a description – e.g. Work Email and tap ‘Next’

4. Select ‘Configure Manually

Choose Account

5. Enter your usual LJMU password and tap Next

6. You will then need to enter the server and user details as given in ‘General Instructions for All devices’ above.

Email Credentials

Enter the details and tap Next to connect to your email

7. When prompted, choose what you want to synchronise (Mail, Calendar etc.).

8. Under ‘Fetch New Data’, you can choose how often you want to automatically fetch new emails etc. from the server.

Android Devices

Many phones & tablets run the Android operating system, e.g. Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel.
There are many different versions of Android so it is difficult to provide exact instructions for each model and manufacturer. Instructions below for Samsung should be similar on all.

Setting up Samsung Mail to access LJMU emails

1. Select the Samsung email App. (Install from the Play Store if required)

Mobile Setup Step 5


Mobile Setup Step 6

3. Enter email address then tap MANUAL SETUP

Mobile Setup Step 7

4. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Mobile Setup Step 8

5. Enter domain\username as below and change name of server to be, then tap SIGN IN

Mobile Setup Step 9

Accept security settings - tap Apply, then Activate.

Mobile Setup Step 10Mobile Setup Step 11

6. Once set-up, you can choose which folders to sync. By selecting Settings within the App

Mobile Setup Step 12

Mobile Setup Step 13

Mobile Setup Step 14

7. On newer devices, you will receive a security request to allow ActiveSync to access your phone or tablet, and be able to access certain features on it.

Mobile Setup Step 15