NameCoach is an Outlook Add-In that allows users to add a pronunciation of their name to their email signature or to emails in general.

How to Access NameCoach

You can access NameCoach from either the Outlook application itself or online via Microsoft Office.

If you use a Mac device please use the online version to set up and access NameCoach for the first time.

To access NameCoach via the Outlook app, open the Outlook application on your desktop.

In the top right-hand corner of the Outlook Window, you should see an add-in called Get Pronunciation.

Clicking on Get Pronunciation will open the NameCoach menu on the right-side of your Outlook window.

To access NameCoach online via Microsoft Office the process is slightly different.

Open Outlook using the Outlook link on the left- hand side of the screen.

This time open an email from your inbox. In the right-hand side of the email screen you will see an options ellipses.

Clicking on the ellipses will open the email options menu.

From this menu select the option for NameCoach.

This will open the NameCoach menu on the right-hand side of your screen.

Recording Your Name Pronunciation

You can record your Pronunciation under the My Recording section of the NameCoach menu.

Click on the microphone image and follow the on screen instructions

The below screen will now appear

Once you have made your recording and are happy with it click on the disk icon to save your recording.

Once the recording has been saved you should now see the recording under My Recordings.

Listen to your pronunciation

To listen to your recording click on the speaker icon next to the recording.

Please note:
When you have recorded your pronunciation it will be available in all versions of Outlook (Web version, desktop application etc). However, you will need to apply it separately to your signature in each version.

Adding pronunciation to Email Signature

If you have a LJMU email signature, please add the pronunciation to your signature using the following instructions.

Please note:
The LJMU email signature is not automatically copied to your other devices. You will need to copy the LJMU email signature to apply the signature.

Firstly copy the audio link into your clipboard by clicking on the sharing icon next to My Recording in the NameCoach menu.

Using the Outlook Desktop Application With a Windows Device

Click on File in the top left hand corner of your screen to open your account information.

On the account information screen click on options in the bottom left-hand corner.

This will open your Outlook options menu.

With your Outlook Settings open, click Mail, then Signatures.

With the signature set as your LJMU signature.

In the Edit Signature section

Next to your name put a space and then an (

Then press the keyboard buttons ctrl and K together

The below screen will now appear

In the Text to Display field – Pronounce Name

In the Address field press ctrl and V together (this is going to paste in the link that you copied earlier from your recording)

Now click OK

You should now have been taken back to edit signature page with the words (PronounceName just after your name. Just put the closed bracket at the end) and click OK

Using the Outlook Desktop Application with a Macbook

In the Outlook Application

Click the Outlook option at the top of your screen next to the Apple icon and select Preferences.

Under the Email section select Signatures

The message is selected as Standard – click Edit

This will now open a separate screen called Standard

Command V – will paste the email signature into the standard box

Under New messages - drop down to Standard

Under Replies/Forwards - drop down to Standard

Click Close

Click Save

This will now apply your LJMU email signature for your MAC Outlook.

Using the Outlook Online

Firstly, open a new email and select insert from the options at the top of your screen.

This should now open up the Signature option in the action ribbon below. Click Signature.

Select your LJMU signature and next to your name type (Pronounce Name).

Highlight (Pronounce Name) and click on the insert link icon below.

In the insert link option click into the Web address (URL) and press ctrl and v keys together with should copy the link copied from My Recordings previously.

Edit your name pronunciation

If you are not happy with the pronunciation recording or ever need to change it you can re-record it by clicking on the edit icon next to MY Recording in the NameCoach menu.

This change will automatically pick up your new pronunciation.

Please note:
If you have already applied your pronunciation to your email signature but have since amended it, you will need to re add it to your signature as above.

Listening to Pronunciations

If you are in an email thread with various participants you can listen to each participants name pronunciation if they have recorded one.

To do this in the email click on the Get Pronunciation icon at the top of the email.

Select the icon.

From the NameCoach menu you will be able to select the name of any of the participants who have recorded a pronunciation under Pronunciations.

Just select their name from the drop-down list and click on the speaker icon next to their name.