Professorship and Readership Conferment information 2024

Call for Applications now closed

The application process for the Professorship and Readership Conferment 2024 is now closed. Please contact if you have any queries.

For the purpose of future applications, please see information below however please note application documents vary each year therefore the below is subject to change and applicants should always consult this webpage at the start of each process to ensure they are adhering to the most up to date criteria and templates. 

General Application Information

Procedures for Submission

Full details of Criteria and Guidelines for Conferment can be downloaded here

Your application will consist of five individual documents, these are:

1. Your CV (this must be on the CV template)

2. One pathway specific letter, there are four pathways, each has its own specific letter template:

- Academic Leadership

- Engaged Scholar

- Research & Scholarship

- Learning, Teaching & the Student Experience

3. An Application & Technical Criteria Pro forma.

4. An Independent External Assessor’s form.

5. A signed copy of your latest Appraisal form must also be provided with your application, this can be downloaded from Actus. 

Application will not be considered if any of the above documents are not included in your application.  

Each document should be saved individually in word format, with your first and last name and the title of the document (e.g. CV first name last name).

As part of our equal opportunities policies, we are committed to monitoring the progression of staff. We would be grateful if you could check that the diversity data that we hold for you is accurate. You can view and update this information on Staff Infobase, which can be accessed here

In accordance with procedures the deadline for applications must be adhered to, late applications will only be considered under exceptional circumstances. 

Briefing Sessions

At the beginning of the process each year (around November to December), a series of briefing sessions will be scheduled for members of staff interested in applying. The purpose of the sessions is to offer potential applicants the opportunity to ask any questions they may have regarding their application, ensure the criteria is fully understood and potential applicants have all the information that they need to apply. Information pertaining to the dates and times of these sessions will be shared closer to the time.

Faq Items

Circumstances Impacting on Volume of Activity

Frequently asked questions

Requests for visiting positions: Guidance notes and application form

Procedures for Appointing to Externally Advertised Professor Post

Procedures for Appointing to Externally Advertised Reader Post