Sessional/Hourly Paid Staff and Overtime

Hourly Paid Staff

Please ensure you read the guidance for Sessional/ Hourly paid staff to ensure you are following the correct procedure. This will ensure hourly paid staff receive prompt payment and access to the LJMU systems. This guidance includes information about Sessional Lecturers, Teaching Support Officers and for ad-hoc hourly paid staff.

Guidance for Sessional/ Hourly paid staff

Please also ensure you use the up-to-date forms.

IT Access/ ID Cards
For all new hourly paid starters, People and Organisational Development will email the line manager with a barcode to enable the staff member to have IT access and an ID card. Please note a barcode can only be issued once People and Organisational Development have received and processed the completed Sessional/ Hourly paid forms.


Please ensure you read the guidance on overtime available in the A-Z, as the implementation of the new integrated People and Organisational Development/ Financial/ Management Oracle System has meant significant changes to how overtime is processed. Overtime claim forms (where self-service is not applicable) are also available online.

The section for Pay includes monthly People and Organisational Development deadlines for Payroll information.