Front of class display instructions and troubleshooting guide

September 2021

All classrooms and meeting rooms will be equipped with a computer (PC) and one or more projectors or large wall-mounted TVs. They will also usually have a visualizer to display physical objects. You will also have a control panel either in front of you on the lectern, or on the wall nearby. 

If the control panel has a screen, you may need to touch it to wake it up.

To switch on the projector/TV display (if it’s not already on):

  • Press the On button on the panel

The PC in the lectern should already be switched on. (IT Services wake all PCs up automatically, early in the morning, but a previous user may have mistakenly turned it off since then).

  • Press PC/desktop on the panel to select the standard front of class PC

If no image begins to appear check that the front of class PC is switched on – it should have a light indicating it is working. If you can’t see any lights, press the power button on the front of the unit and wait for a few minutes while the PC starts up – then you can log in using your usual University username and password.

If you’re going to work from your laptop instead of the standard PC, first ensure you have connected it via a HDMI lead to the HDMI input in the control panel, then press the HDMI or Laptop button to show its output. 

Please note: Some panels installed in 2021 or later may have a wireless option to connect to your laptop).

At any point, you can switch to another input source – just select the appropriate button – e.g. the Visualiser (to show an object, a diagram in a book etc) Then put your item under the ‘head’ of the visualiser and it will show on screen. 

I don’t want my presentation notes shown on screen – what should I do?  In most locations, you can switch to extended display, where your notes are on the PC monitor but the screens for your audience just show your current slide. Open App Player (green square with a white arrow in your status bar or on the desktop), search ‘Display’ and run the display switcher tool. Change your display to Extend and confirm the setting. 

Please note: Unfortunately, a small number of teaching rooms in LJMU do not support this setting yet.

Once you have finished please log off from the PC (if used), and press ‘Shutdown’ on the display control panel to switch off the projector/TV and retract display screens etc.

Never shut down the PC, even if it is late in the day – IT Services will do this automatically every evening.

Still having trouble? 

Pick up the telephone on the desk/lectern/wall and press 1 for Audio-visual issues, or 2 for IT Support (e.g. if you are having trouble logging in or accessing files etc.)

If there is no phone in the room, you can call 2713 from any LJMU phone, or 0151-231-2713 from a mobile phone to request help, then follow the menu as indicated above.