Overview of facilities

Printers at LJMU

LJMU printers combine printing, copying and scanning into one device with a modern touch screen interface which is faster, easier to use.

Scanning is available on all printers and include OCR (Optical character recognition software) so that any printed document can be scanned into a searchable PDF or Word document. 

All printers around the University are compatible with Apple Macintosh. Instructions here.

How to use

You need your University card to copy and print:

  • Tap your University card on the card reader.
  • Choose what you want to print, copy or scan
  • Any print jobs will be displayed on the device

Documents are held in a secure queue for 18 hours - after that they are automatically deleted from the queue, ensuring you only print what you need, saving you money and paper too.

Please note the default setting on all printers is double sided, black and white.

FollowYou printing - print out on any LJMU printer

All printers across the University are "pooled" into a single queue called FollowYou. This allows a document to be released at any printer, no matter where it is located. For example, you may be working in Aldham Robarts, but want to print the document in a completely different building - FollowYou allows you to do this. Whether you want to print in black and white or colour, single sided or double sided, at any location, set the printing properties and choose print.

Print from any location using your phone, tablet or Web based printing

Using Web based printing it is possible to print to the LJMU printers without being in a University building. This can be using a laptop or from any web enabled computer from home, coffee bar, anywhere in the world.  You can also use your smartphone and tablet making print simple to use.

Large Format Printing A2-A0

High quality large format printers at the Libraries print sizes from A0-A2 and are available for staff and students to use. Prices range from £2 to £7. Staff are charged to their departmental cost code so you may need to check that this is okay.

The Document Solutions Centre (DSC) can also print A2-A0 posters.


You must have sufficient funds in your account to pay for the photocopying that you require. Please check current print / photocopying costs for detailed pricing information.

Staff and Students are also advised to make sure they are not infringing any copyright whilst copying any books, journals or material. Click for Copyright Advice about Keeping your Copies legal.

To make a photocopy

  • Find a printer to use. 
  • Tap your LJMU card to logon
  • Choose the Copy button on the Home Screen
  • Printing Home Screen
  • Select the copy options required for example full colour, single sided, staples etc.

  • photocopying
  • Remember to Log off when you have finished

Further information and guides are available. If you need further assistance please ask at the Library helpdesk.


Scanning is available around the University. There is no charge for scanning.

Staff and Students must make sure they are not infringing any copyright whilst scanning any books, journals or material. There are strict rules for how much can be scanned or copied. Click for Copyright Advice about Keeping your Copies legal.

Printer Home Screen

All printers around the University can:-

Scan to Email

Choose ECSP from the home screen and click Scan to Email. Follow the onscreen prompts.  If you change the delivery format option you can choose from searchable PDF or Word document.

FollowYou and Scan

Scan to HomeDrive

Choose ECSP from the home screen and then click Scan to Home Drive.