Offsite Print Room

Specialist and bulk printing service

Apogee Corporation Ltd offer a new and improved Print Room service for bulk printing and specialist requirements operating from their DDS (Digital Document Services) centre in Salford.

What can the Print Room do?

Copying and Printing

  • High speed printing/copying in Mono or full colour
  • Wide format printing
  • Full page scanning


A variety of finishes and products are available such as

  • Booklet making
  • Bound documents – perfect bound, coil, fastback, book bound
  • Standard documents
  • Posters
  • Letterheads
  • Roller banners
  • Leaflets
  • Postcards

How to print

How to log jobs with MyPrint

The new LJMU print room is integrated into the MyPrint Papercut portal where you can see the status of your jobs and log new print jobs.  

Just follow the simple guidance below:

  1. Sign in using your current LJMU ID and password
  2. Choose relevant products and follow intuitive menus to choose your finishing options
  3. Cost will be updated as you chose options
  4. Files must be in PDF format - there are ways to upload Exam Documents (encrypted files) and Canvas documents (all files are converted to PDF for approval before submission)

For more information please consult the Print Room Customer Guide, FAQs and the Print Room Product Guide.

Using the Print Room

Submitting Jobs

Print room jobs can be submitted via the Papercut printing portal - just follow the link to “Print Room”

There are a number of documents explaining how to use the portal, what products are available and how to select your criteria in the “How to Print” section below

However, if you are unsure whether Apogee can print something for you, or you have other questions about the portal or your order, these and more questions can be answered by the professional and helpful team in Salford – call them on 0161 839 2767 or email them using


Apogee will deliver your orders back to the university usually within 24-48 hours. We encourage you to plan your requests as much in advance as possible so Apogee can plan work properly and ensure that everyone gets their print jobs back promptly.

Deliveries are made back to the LJMU central post room and then are sent out with the normal postal deliveries to the post rooms or designated drop off points in various buildings including the University Libraries – you can select where you will pick up your print job when submitting it. Apogee are using the same barcoding tracker system that university uses and you will get updates of your orders progress and delivery.

If you need help with moving large amounts of printed material then you should log a job with the Estates Helpdesk.