What is Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is a collaboration utility by Microsoft. It is used widely across the University allowing us to share documents, information and ideas both internally and externally. All LJMU committees are organised through SharePoint and it acts as a central source for all information allowing staff to be much more efficient. SharePoint allows you to co-ordinate projects using a centralised calendar, task list and schedule with full control over the information in a familiar and structured manner. SharePoint is available for staff use and people external to LJMU can be invited to collaborate and share information.

How do I Access SharePoint?

SharePoint can be accessed through a modern web browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. IT Services can create a SharePoint site for you and will send you a unique URL to enable you to access your site. It is not possible to browse through SharePoint sites so you would need to know the exact URL to access it.  (Make sure you add it to your ‘favorites’ in your web browser so you can find it again).

How can I request a SharePoint site?

If you are interested in a SharePoint site and would like IT Services to create one for you, you can request it via our Self-Service Portal - Click on ‘SharePoint’ then 'New SharePoint Site'

Where can I go for training?

‘SharePoint Overview’ and ‘SharePoint Practical Sessions’ are available via the Leadership and Development Foundation . To book a place on the next available session check the Events Calendar.