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Joshua Marriott

PG student artwork

The Wardrobe Locker

The Wardrobe Locker is a new retail concept designed by Joshua Marriott. After working in the fashion industry for several years, one recurring issue which faced him and his employers; was returns. The fashion industries lenient return policies have fuelled a new buying behaviour amongst consumers where on average 50-60% of purchases are returned. This is causing logistical strain and contributing towards a heavy CO2 footprint - a change is needed.

The wardrobe locker is an adaptation of the self service locker technology that we see today. The difference is that this model will solely cater for the fashion industry with a changing facility at hand. The consumer can choose for their online purchases to be delivered to these pick up - drop off locations. By having the changing facility, the consumer can try on their item there and then, giving feedback on the item and having the option to instantly return. Thus, creating a sustainable return cycle, providing instant product feedback to the company, reducing carbon emissions and creating logistical ease on postal services.

Having the item instantly returned creates an effective stock turn-a-round for retailers. This will give returned items a higher chance of being redistributed rather than becoming landfill and company profit margins will not be diminished due to a lack of stock availability.

This idea has been developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consideration to heightened user safety includes an anti-microbe additive agent used within the paintwork of surfaces, to create an inhabitable space for bacteria and germs as well as the modular build allowing reduced/precise numbers of users at any one time. Providing an industry solution to the new normal.