Label stating "The people

"Liverpool has always been boldly different, a city “untinged by the colours of the country” (Dixon, 1907). Whether this derives from its maritime past, with its unique ebb and flow of migration and settlement, or the city’s ever changing economy, from global port to late 20th century destitution, the fortunes of the city have forged a powerful identity of independence, unseen in any other British metropolis. Through diversity and revolution, opportunity and hardship, Liverpudlians have become a people renowned for their philanthropy, humour and adversity to authority; a spirit that epitomises what some have called, ‘The Peoples Republic’. 

This notion of Liverpool as its own Republic, or Nation State, independent of the rest of the United Kingdom, forms the basis of this exploratory project which aims to visualise ‘The People’s Republic’ through brand identity, prop and exhibition design. Albeit fictitious this idea was derived from recent referendum and general election results which saw Liverpool vote overwhelmingly in a manner opposite to the majority of the UK; confounding its status as a city all of its own."