Close up shot of a record pulled halfway out of its sleeve

"Developed during a game of, “Great Name For A Band”, Voyager Records seeks to encourage a wider understanding of, and participation in, Astrophysics through the creation six fictitious bands and their accompanying merchandise.

Far from being bands on this year’s festival circuit, The Harvard Computers, Cosmic Microwaves, Trappist System, Obler’s Paradox, Stellar Formation and Cosmic Address are actually monikers for a range of theories within astrophysics; theories which not only provide strong evidence for the Big Bang, but also explain how we look back in time each time we peer through a telescope, and how the cosmos ended up in our grandparents’ television sets.

In order to keep the merchandise’s appearance authentic to the outside observer, subtle clues to the theories underpinning each of the designs have been hidden within the imagery, sleeve notes and tour dates. For the wearer, a QR label inside the shirt directs them to the Voyager Records website, on which each band’s artwork is explained in detail."