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Read Amie Rogers' bio

Hi, I’m Amie. I am an MA student at LJMU, studying Fashion Innovation and Realisation.

I am a fashion designer, communicator and full-time dog mum. So, it was only fitting that I put my credentials into my major project. Thus, producing Me, You and the Dog – or MYD.

MYD is a loungewear brand that is focused on and designed for couples, and their pet dogs. 

Days spent with my partner and dog are always perfect. We lounge around the house all day in our comfiest loungewear catching up on a Netflix series, cooking ordering take out, and being blissfully chilled in each other’s laziness.

The MYD brand, and my first three-piece collection of loungewear has been handmade with love, quality, and my ten years of fashion expertise (along with a watchful eye from my dog, Sunny).

I am very passionate about my first product line for ‘Me, You and the Dog’ having an excellent aesthetic and being free of gender and size expectations. The fabrics I have sourced are all sustainable Organic, and Aloe Vera infused – scientifically proven to be a soothing, and anti-allergenic agent for both humans and dogs. Adding to the relaxation value of the products.

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Read Mihaela Giuiu's bio

Mihaela is studying for her MA in Fashion Innovation with a focus on wearable technology. Her interest in the subject began during her BA degree and has since explored its ramifications. Her MA project has allowed her to collaborate with engineers nationally and internationally which aided her knowledge and skills within this new field of Fashion. This offered a new way of looking at her project and improved her engineering thinking, to build a comprehensible and desirable artefact. Along the way, she has acquired new software skills such as Fusion360, ArtecStudio, FreeForm and Arduino, necessary to bring to life her biometric security concept, in both design and technicality.

She has a strong sense of responsibility regarding the Fashion Industry - one of the world’s biggest polluters - and is interested in the circular economy and ethical supply chain within the Fashion industry. Mihaela recently undertook a 3-month internship with SCOOP, in Portugal, a company focused on innovation and sustainability that strives to tackle global warming through their projects. Her internship choice only enhanced her drive to be sustainable within her own work.

When she is not busy researching, Mihaela enjoys travelling and sketching, looking for inspiration for her next projects. She takes pride in her Romanian heritage, which enhances her work and artistic education.

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Read Jemima Glentworth's bio

The aim of my practice is to try and communicate through illustration, writing and other media my views of the fashion industry, the feelings that I have about it and its contradictions and ethical dilemmas. I try through my creative work to give a voice to my opinions; about the people and situations that I encounter and the things that happen around me, with the desire that the audience takes the opportunity to see the world of fashion through my eyes. 

Over the course of the year, I have been gathering new information, images and stories that expand my understanding of the fashion industry; especially the darker side that is usually ignored by or hidden from public view. Through my practice, I have attempted to deconstruct an elitist and closed off world to identify and satirise both producers and consumers of fashion.

One piece targets three powerful men who work or have influence within the fashion industry; all three of the men have been accused of multiple sexual assaults, exploitation and abuse of their power and none of the men have faced any real examination or reckoning for their behaviour.

Other work brings to light the power differences and discrepancies in the fashion industry and the opportunity for exploitation and give my audience the chance to understand a little of what lurks beneath the surface of the (not so) glamourous fashion industry.

My practical outcomes have an unfiltered and authentic voice which exposes this superficiality and hypocrisy through sculptural satirical installation pieces.

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Read Megan Harvey's bio

Megan is a passionate slow fashion advocate. She has used her MA to research the hidden impacts of the fast fashion industry and has written the paper “Fashion, Speed and Consumer Culture: Investigating a Sustainable Future for the Fashion Industry”. For her final output Megan has created social media campaign designed to raise awareness of the social and environmental impacts of over consumption of fashion.

Who made your clothes? It is easy to forget but all of our clothes have been made by hand by people just like you and I. In fast fashion, clothes are made by nameless people on the other side of the world. Sadly many garment workers face dangerous working conditions and extremely low pay. The series “Faces Behind Fashion” is a celebration of the real people who work in fashion’s supply chains. Its aim is to put a face to these ‘faceless’ people as a reminder that there are people behind the clothes we wear.

Megan also runs a slow living instagram where she celebrates transparent production chains and people behind products. Her paper “Fashion, Speed and Consumer Culture” is available to read on her website.

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Read Rebecca Langton's bio

Hello everyone, my name is Rebecca and I am the creator of Perspective magazine. I founded Perspective mag in 2018 during my Master’s Degree Final Major Project at Liverpool John Moores University.  

Perspective Mag is an unorthodox print magazine with an artistic style designed to compel fellow creatives to read it. It was produced out of a love and passion for travelling and discovering new cultures. This magazine will showcase artists and designers from various cities around the World and each issue will feature a different city, and Perspective. This magazine will target like-minded creatives and unveil new talent from Shanghai. I hope it inspires you to visit.

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Read Margaret Appleby's bio

I have sewn since I was a child and my love of making hasn’t lessened over the years. Having created Linen Lawn the brand 11 years ago I’m on the next phase of my career as I put my ideas to work on founding the Linen Lawn Studio Women’s Collection which will retail through my own brand concept store; Linen Lawn Studio, where fashion will meet with craft and an inclusive world of design and ideas.

I’ve always found the concept store a place of inspiration having worked for Sir Terence Conran at the Conran Design Group, London during my early career. Later, I collaborated with Wolf & Badger, showing the Linen Lawn collection at the stores in Dover Street and Notting Hill, London. Today I have chosen to work with small independent brands who design and make collections; I have sought out women who are crafts people and artists working in Britain exclusively.

At 6 Pillory Street I hope to create a community where those of a like mind will want to come and share their love of design and enter into friendship too on a journey of discovery, discovering new talent and learning nascent skills together.

This is a venture I have longed to embark on, so here’s to the launch of Linen Lawn Studio in September 2019.

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Read Daisy Miller's bio

Fashion designer and current MA Fashion, Innovation & Realisation student with a passion for learning and innovating. Specifically exploring new textiles using fabric manipulation to make beautiful unique fashion creations.

Daisy’s most recent fashion collection is inspired by and developed from the peeling wallpaper of a 17th century hunting lodge, The shabby but rich wall surface has been translated into delicately gold flocked screen prints heavily embellished with beads and 3D surface decoration. Heavy chunky knitted jumpers are combined with tailoring. Gothic, dark green horsehair, gold flocked mustard suede, velvet is reinterpreted into embroidered distressed textures. Faded grey, forest green, bois de rose and crimson tapestries found in a junk shop, are combined with tiny mohair flowers, ribbons of suede, gold bugle beads and shredded organza’s to create an elegant jewel colour palette. These textured surfaces evoke memories, heighten the senses and are key to understanding the collection. 

The collection has been featured in fashion magazines such as HUFF and Spaghetti mag. It also prompted an invitation to showcase further garments in an L.A. fashion show earlier this year, with a designer who has made the worlds most expensive dress. From this the collection was picked up by stylists and photographed in Milan for a variety of International outputs.

As part of her Masters study Daisy has recently opened her own luxury fabric store business in Liverpool’s newly regenerated Fabric District.

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Read Ellie Boyce's bio

Menswear designer and LJMU MA Fashion: Innovation and Realisation graduate. Specialising in research and the repurposing of historical materials and objects into modern eclectic garments.

Ellie’s most recent collection was initially inspired by family connections to the Royal Air Force and love of historical research. Sourcing decommissioned military parachutes in a vibrant pink was the launching point for the collection. Using the raw structure of the parachute to create organic and unexpected silhouettes. Ministry of defence maps were collected to turn into prints and embroidery. Exaggerated knitwear in bold greens and blues, mimicking the layering of a white ribbon parachute, adds further texture to the collection. The regeneration and reimagining of fabrics, together with new prints and embroidery inspired by the old, brings the collection into a current dimension.

The collection has been featured in the Spring/Summer 2019 print edition of Lewis magazine.

After graduating from her Masters, Ellie moved to London and is currently working at Vivienne Westwood.