Out of hours access

Accessing LJMU out of working hours

Predicted out of hours access within LJMU buildings requires that the ‘Out of Hours’ form be completed and handed to the security Control Centre. The ‘Out of Hours Access’ form can be found here: LJMU out of hours access working form.

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Faq Items

Unplanned out of hours working

The University recognises that there are occasions where staff feels they need to stay behind for an hour or so to complete work. Anyone working after hours must contact the Security Centre on 2083 before 20:45 and sign in/out of the logbook kept at the reception desk giving details of where they are working.

Out of hours emergency arrangements

Persons working out of hours must sign in and out of the logbook kept at the reception desk (Henry Cotton Building) or at the reception desk (Byrom Street), giving details of where they are working. Please contact the helpdesk on: 0151 231 5555

If necessary, the Emergency Services (Fire, Police, Ambulance) may be on: 0151 231 2222

In the event of the fire alarm sounding – all occupants must evacuate the building immediately and without exception. If, as a result of a risk assessment, work to be performed is deemed to be hazardous, it must not be carried out without another person in line-of-sight, or at worst, within earshot.

Out of hours regulations

  1. Normal working hours are defined as 07.00am - 21.00 pm, Monday to Friday, during semester time; although some sites may be open for longer hours on week nights.
  2. Work performed outside these hours (by staff or students) on University premises must be approved by the Director of the School or Service Team of the employing or controlling School/Team.
  3. For safety and security reasons, blanket approval will not be given to staff or students without the express permission of the ‘Dean of Faculty’. In these circumstances, this approval will not exceed one semester.
  4. Before any work out of hours is performed, a written risk assessment must be made and the approval form completed, copies of which should be kept adjacent to the work, and a copy with the Security Service.
  5. Any work outside normal working hours, whether by staff, postgraduate students or undergraduate students should be performed with the knowledge of the following staff:
  • Security Services - Byrom Street
  • Director of school / service
  • Dean of Faculty in exceptional circumstances

Out of hours access for Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students must not work out of hours without the prior authorisation of the Director of School. There must be a suitable member of staff providing appropriate supervision as identified in the risk assessment during the time the work is being performed. This provision will not apply to Learning Resource Centres.

Out of hours access for Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students must not work out of hours without the prior authorisation of the Director of School.


Experiments running unattended out of hours should have attached a copy of instructions for use in an emergency.


It is recognised that ‘subjects’ are required for certain experiments. Please ensure that all visitor details are completed on the approval form. Staff and students are reminded that children are NOT permitted to enter university buildings.

ICT suites

Permission will not be granted to staff or students who just want to use the IT facilities. The LRC’s are open 24 hours for these purposes. Further information on LJMU library's with ICT facilities can be accessed here: Campus Property Data