Counter Terrorism Advice

The threat of terrorism in the UK is SEVERE, which means an attack is highly likely.

While we live in turbulent and uncertain times there has been no specific threat to the University, but it is important for us all to stay vigilant.

Security at LJMU is not the sole responsibility of security staff we all have a responsibility to ensure that our campus is a safe environment for everyone - staff, students and visitors.

If you see anything suspicious or have any concerns contact security immediately on 2222.

For further advice and guidance, the UK Government has issued guidance for members of the public that contains useful numbers and online tools that can be used to report suspicious activity.

Making LJMU a safer environment

We work closely with authorities and the local communities to make your Experience at LJMU as safe as possible.

Please take some time to read our advisory tips below:

Faq Items

When out and about

  • Avoid short cuts and isolated areas.
  • Try to keep to well-lit areas at night.
  • Whenever possible, travel with a friend or in a group.
  • Walk facing the traffic, so a vehicle cannot pull up behind you.
  • Always have some money spare in case you need to get a taxi.
  • If you do have to travel alone on public transport:
    • Try to stay away from isolated bus stops.
    • On a bus, sit near the driver.
    • On a train, sit in a compartment where there are several other people.
  • Always try to look confident, even if you do not feel it.
  • If you are being followed, change direction and head for a public place

When using cash machines

  • Only use in hours of daylight, preferably accompanied by a friend.
  • Always check the area for anyone loitering. If in doubt find another machine.
  • Never count your money in public view.

How to handle trouble

  • Avoid confrontation with unruly groups or intoxicated persons.
  • Avoid eye contact in any situation where you feel vulnerable.
  • If threatened, run to a populated area, make as much noise as possible in order to draw attention.
  • Carry a personal alarm.

Protecting personal property

  • Never leave your bag, wallet or purse unattended.
  • Mobile phone robberies are on the increase - be aware.
  • Don't leave cash, cheque books, cheque cards or valuables on show in your vehicle.

In an emergency or if you see anything suspicious on campus, contact university security on 0151 231 2222.

For more information

Please view the following links to local and national web sites that publish useful information on a variety of security and safety subjects: