Account lockouts

Why we have a lockout

It is standard practice in IT to limit the number of bad password attempts. It helps to prevent malicious attempts to hack (guess) your password and allow unauthorized access to your account. Once the limit is reached (10 bad logon attempts), a ‘Lockout’ will occur against your account. Here at LJMU we have a lockout time of 30 minutes. During that time you won't be able to log in even when you are entering the correct password.

Please click on the links below for guidance on how to prevent the lockouts. the guides contain information on the following:

  • What causes lockouts?
  • Where you may have stored/saved your password.
  • How to prevent the lockouts:
  • How to recover from a lockout:
  • Still getting Lockouts?
  • Frequently asked questions

Lockouts on your account - FAQs 

Failure to follow these instructions could cause your account to become repeatedly locked and you will not be able to logon to your account until the lockout has cleared and all passwords have been changed.