Staff profile support

Faq Items

How do I log into Symplectic?

My title is incorrect – how do I get this changed?

Do I need to upload my profile photograph to Symplectic as well? Will my new photo be emailed to me?

What if I have no information on my Symplectic profile?

What if I have information in some areas of Symplectic but not others? Will I have a blank space on my profile?

What Symplectic field is used to populate the Biography tab of the staff profile

Where should I list my teaching activities?

What if I don’t want a particular publication to appear on the website but I still want to have it in Symplectic?

Can I pull out a journal article to go to the top of my publications list?

Why is the author name sometimes duplicated for some publications?

Why is one of my publications listed at the bottom of my list even though it is not an old publication?

What support is available to staff using Symplectic

If I make a change in Symplectic, how long will it take for my online profile to update?