Staff Profiles

Faq Items

How do I log into Symplectic?

My title is incorrect – how do I get this changed?

If your title is displaying incorrectly on your profile (eg if it needs to change to Dr) please contact Ruth Lewis in HR with information about the change you are requesting and a copy of your doctorate certificate if relevant, as the HR system needs to be updated with the information. This will then be fed directly to Symplectic and your online profile.

Do I need to upload my profile photograph to Symplectic as well? Will my new photo be emailed to me?

Your photograph will automatically be uploaded to your staff profile on and not Sympletic. Due to brand guidelines only professionally taken photographs will be used on your staff profile. We arrange a number of sessions throughout the academic year across the university, your Faculty Ops Managers will be in touch with you directly once dates, times and locations have a been confirmed.

If your photograph is not displaying on your profile, please raise a helpdesk ticket to report the issue.

What if I have no information on my Symplectic profile?

If you have not entered any information on Symplectic, only your name, Faculty, School, photo (if available) and contact details will appear.

What if I have information in some areas of Symplectic but not others? Will I have a blank space on my profile?

Don’t worry - if you have not populated a particular area, the tab for that section will not appear on your live profile.

What Symplectic field is used to populate the Biography tab of the staff profile

This is drawn from the ‘overview’ field in Symplectic (Profile tab – click on ‘update profile’ to edit).

Where should I list my teaching activities?

This information will be pulled in directly from the ‘teaching activities’ section in Symplectic

What if I don’t want a particular publication to appear on the website but I still want to have it in Symplectic?

No problem – just ‘hide’ the publication by clicking on the blue ‘eye’ icon.

Can I pull out a journal article to go to the top of my publications list?

Yes – just select it as a ‘favourite’ in Symplectic by clicking the ‘heart’ icon.

Why is the author name sometimes duplicated for some publications?

This is because of the way the information has been entered in Symplectic – you must complete the publication bibliographic fields in Symplectic – please do not just put the entire article reference in the ‘title’ field.

Why is one of my publications listed at the bottom of my list even though it is not an old publication?

Please ensure that you enter publications correctly in Symplectic – if you do not populate the ‘date’ field, the publication will be put at the bottom of your list.

What support is available to staff using Symplectic

There is a help section within Symplectic with links to useful guides. If you cannot find the answer to your query there, please email (please bear with us if we cannot respond to your query immediately.)

If I make a change in Symplectic, how long will it take for my online profile to update?

Once the profiles are live, they will be republished every 24 hours. This schedule can be reviewed if this is not found to be adequate.