Setting security questions and answers

Setting security questions and answers

Why do we use Security Q&As?

As part of the IT Services commitment to maximising the security of your computing account, we use Security Questions and Answers (Q&As) in order for you to maintain your own account and keep it secure.

These Q&As are associated with your computing account and you will need to refer to them if you forget your password and want to reset it yourself. You will not need to use them every time you log in to use the LJMU computing facilities.

Where do I set my security Q&As?

  • You will have to set them when you activate your account for the first time.

Offsite - Visit and choose ‘Activate My Account

Onsite – Via an LJMU PC or Laptop – Choose ‘Activate My Account’ (left hand menu)

How can I change my Security Q&As?

  • If you wish to change your Security Q&As in the future.

Visit and choose: ‘Change My Security Questions and Answers

I have forgotten both my password and Q&As, what do I do?

  • Visit your nearest LJMU Library. You will need your LJMU ID card. (See the Library pages for the location of your nearest Library). Alternatively contact Library Services during normal business hours.

Will I be given a new password over the telephone?

  • No. You will be required to answer some personal questions to verify your identity. Your account will be deactivated so you can activate your account again. At this point you can set up new security questions and answers and choose a new password.

Will I need my security Q&As for anything else?

  • No, this service is purely to allow you to maintain your own account and keep it secure. You will not require your security Q&As to get general user support.

Useful account security advice.

  • It is important to keep your security Q&As as secure as your password.
  • Never tell other people what your Q&As are, and never write them down.