Virtual Desktop (Pilot)

Virtual Desktop is available to all students and allows secure access to a virtual LJMU desktop at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Desktop is powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud technology and once you're connected works in the same way as any desktop on your desk or in our Libraries. You should be able to access all the applications and programs you require but for a full list of applications please see below.

Please consider that Virtual Desktop is still in development but available as part of a Pilot to gain user feedback. If you experience any issues with Virtual Desktop, please don’t contact IT support simply click on the below link to raise an incident. 

Report a Fault

Accessing the virtual desktop
What can I use on a virtual desktop

Virtual desktop can be accessed by clicking on the below link or by copying the below details into any web browser. 

After clicking on the link, you’ll be prompted for your LJMU credentials. Please enter your username in the following format replacing username with your username e.g Your password is your standard LJMU password. 

After entering your credentials, a launch screen should appear with a Windows 10 icon. Click on this icon. As below and the session will begin to load. 


You may receive a prompt titled Access Local Resources. If you do tick the Don’t ask me again option and click Allow. 


You will now be asked to enter your LJMU credentials again. Please enter the exact same details you entered previously. 


Your virtual desktop should now load.