Entry to the Library and other LJMU buildings

Your university card, visiting and evacuation procedures

If you are an LJMU student or a member of staff, please bring your university card every time you visit the Library or any other LJMU building. You will need it to operate the entrance gates.

Visitors will need to show photographic proof of identification (such as a driving licence) and sign in to enter the library.

Please do not bring children under 16 into the Library unless it is for a short visit or a pre-arranged meeting with LJMU staff. Please keep your child under close supervision at all times.

Please check the library homepage for full details of library opening times.

Your LJMU card

As an LJMU student or member of staff, you will need your LJMU card to gain access to our libraries and other LJMU buildings. You will need your card to borrow items and to print, photocopy or scan. You are responsible for all items issued to your card.

Please note:

  • ID cards must be worn at all times within the university
  • You may be required to present the card for security purposes whilst on university premises and may be refused access to university facilities if you are unable to do so
  • Cards are not transferable and must not be lent to others

What if I lose my ID card?

If you have lost or misplaced your ID card you need to be issued with a new one.

Please note
This must be done ahead of trying to access any other buildings on campus or attending university lectures/use any services.

Go to the MyLJMU app, or visit the MyLJMU website and choose ‘my services’.

Scroll down to Miscellaneous and choose ‘Request ID replacement’.

This will log a helpdesk ticket on your behalf and will keep you up to date all the way through the process. You will then receive a notification of when you can collect your new card.

For more information about your ID card, please see ID cards.

Faq Items

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