Forms for Collaborative/Partner college student use only

Forms for Collaborative/Partner college students only

Please use these forms if you need to send any information to your programme administrators:

Extension request

Personal Circumstances Form – Extension request

If you are experiencing difficult personal circumstances you should in the first instance contact your Module or Programme Leader. Generally, tutors will try to deal with personal difficulties by granting individual extensions to coursework deadlines or by setting alternative assessments.

Non attempt at assessment

Personal Circumstances Form – Non attempt at Assessment

The personal circumstances procedures apply when something serious and unexpected happens which prevents you attempting an assessment, for example:

  • If you are taken ill just before an exam
  • If you are involved in an accident or serious incident that prevents you attending the University just before an exam or assignment deadline
  • If you experience a bereavement or serious family illness that prevents you attending the University just before an exam or assignment deadline.

Your personal circumstances claim along with suitable supporting evidence needs to be submitted as soon as possible after the missed assessment (normally within 5 working days).

If it is accepted as valid, then you may be granted a deferral in that assessment. The Board of Examiners will confirm the deferral submission date.

If you attempt the assessment by sitting the exam or submitting coursework, you will have declared yourself ‘fit to attempt’ that assessment task and you will not be deferred.

Special mitigation

Personal Circumstances Form – Special Mitigation Request

Special mitigation should be used if you are taken ill during a timed assessment such as an exam or presentation and you are unable to complete it. Claims should be submitted within 5 working days of the assessment.

Leave of absence

Leave of Absence Request Form

If personal circumstances mean that you need to take an extended break of several months from your studies and return the following academic year, then you may request a leave of absence from your course. Leave of absences are normally for up to one year, but may be extended for a further year upon request. If you have already completed the teaching for the year and only have assessments to complete, you should submit a personal circumstances (non-attempt of assessment) claim rather than a leave of absence request.

Student withdrawal

Student Withdrawal Form

If you decide not to continue with your course, please let us know as soon as possible. We recommend that you discuss your decision beforehand with your programme leader.