Service standards

Registry services are committed to providing all of its customers with a high quality service

Service standards have been developed to give our customers a clear indication of the level of service you can expect from student administration services.

In setting these standards the service has to be aware of University policy related to the processes we manage, constraints of external influence on our processes – SLC/UKVI and other external agencies and the commitments already made by the University to students.

Where standards are set, this refers to our office hours of 08:45 to 16:30, Monday to Friday. Students can contact by email outside normal opening hours and a response will be sent as soon as possible following the re-opening of the service.

Opening hours

We will maintain our advertised opening hours 95% of the time.

Student issues

Registry services is an on-line and telephone interface with our customers, and has responsibility for a whole range of key University processes. Student issues are raised by students over the telephone or by email queries.

Staff dealing with a student issue will take ownership and responsibility of that issue and ensure it is fully resolved, even if it means following up with other service teams, departments and liaising with a colleague who may have taken over the issue.

If an issue cannot be resolved within 24 hours, staff will keep the student informed until the issue has been resolved.

  • 85% of student issues will be resolved at the first point of contact
  • 95% of student issues will be resolved within 48 hours
Letter requests

Students at various times of the year will request confirmation letters for a variety of reasons.

  • 95% letters will be ready within five working days.
Change of circumstances

Registry services may be contacted by a student or school with a requirement to process a change of circumstance – due to a student withdrawal, Leave of Absence request, resumption of study or transfer.

University processes and procedures are followed before processing the change of circumstance and closing down a student record.

  • 90% of change of circumstance will be processed within three working days
  • 100% of change of circumstance will be processed within five working days if student referral required or awaiting further information.
Exceptional circumstance and Additional Examination Provision forms

Students will submit these via the MyLJMU service portal, mostly prior to main assessment periods.

  • 100% of the forms will be processed within 24 hours