Forms and letters

Advice and guidance about various forms and letters that may be useful to you during your time at LJMU

You can click here to access the following forms and requests directly:

  • Additional exam provision
  • Change of address
  • Change of name
  • Claim for special mitigation
  • Council Tax exemption certificate request
  • Claim for personal circumstances
  • Leave of absence request
  • Letter request (bank accounts, club membership, etc)
  • Tuition fee sponsorship letter upload
  • Withdrawal request

Faq Items

Additional Examination Provision Requests

Additional Examination Provision

The University acknowledges that there may be occasions when a student’s performance in examinations may be severely affected by disability, illness or personal circumstances.

If a student believes they are entitled to any kind of examination support, including extra time or the use of a scribe or a PC, they should see a Disability Adviser to discuss the process and completion of the AEP form. The form can be found and submitted via MyLJMU and clicking on My Services

Please make sure all the relevant information is completed on the form and any supporting evidence is attached.

Further information is available from the Student Advice and Wellbeing Team or Liverpool Students Union

Special Mitigation and Personal Circumstances

In the first instance you should speak to a member of the academic team (usually the module leader) as there may be an alternative resolution available.

If a Personal Circumstances or Special Mitigating Circumstances form is required then students should go to MyLJMU, click on My Services and submit the relevant form.

All sections of the form should be completed and any relevant supporting evidence attached to the form. The form will be sent to the relevant Faculty for consideration.

If you are completing the form due to unforeseen or post assessment issues, if for example you were sick, or there was an incident on the day of an examination, then the form must be submitted within 5 days of the assessment date, i.e. the coursework submission deadline or date of the examination

If you need to give advanced notification to the academic team, if for example you are called up for jury service or you are aware that you require to spend a period of time in hospital, then the form should be normally be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the assessment event, i.e. the coursework submission deadline or date of the examination.

To submit a form go to MyLJMU, click on My Services and submit the relevant form.

Further guidance can be found on the 'Problems completing your assessment' page and more advice and information can be sought from Liverpool Students Union or Student Advice and Wellbeing

Click here for Registry Services contact details.

Letters and Council Tax Exemption


You can get almost all the letters you will need (bank account, memberships, etc.) as a student by completing the letter request form at my services in the MyLJMU portal.

Council Tax Exemptions

Full-time students on courses of at least one year’s duration – including international students - are generally exempt from Council Tax. However, if you share with non-students your property will not be exempt.

If you receive an invoice regarding Council Tax it is very important that you do not ignore it.

The University has a data share agreement with the local authorities in Greater Merseyside and we will advise them of your full time student status without the need for a certificate. If you live in Knowsley (who have opted out of this agreement) or outside Greater Merseyside you will need to provide your council with an Exemption Certificate confirming your student status and course of study. Please request a certificate via the My LJMU portal MyLJMU

Council Tax Exemption Certificates will only be provided for the address held in your student record on the Student Information System. This means it is really important to keep the University up to date with your current contact details.

Council Tax Certificates can be provided for a previous address on request if you can provide documentary evidence of residence at that address.

The rules around Council Tax are complex. If you need more information or advice contact Registry Services or speak to Student Advice and Wellbeing.