Further Information for international students

As an International student, once you have completed the on-line registration process you must also submit additional documentation in order for your enrolment to be completed. The required documentation will depend on your individual circumstances. 

You can find out what documentation you need to provide here.

All International Students are required to have paid a minimum 50% of the tuition fee prior to re-registration each year, or to have supplied/uploaded a sponsorship letter for the full tuition fee.

Once you have completed your enrolment at LJMU you can settle down to enjoying everything that Liverpool and the University has to offer. However, it is important to remember that your status as an enrolled student at the University is dependent on you attending timetabled activities and completing all necessary assessments. LJMU is required by the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to monitor the attendance of all Tier 4 international students studying at the University.

If you have any queries about enrolling, please contact the Student Registration Helpline at: studentregistration@ljmu.ac.uk

You should familiarise yourself with the International Student Attendance Policy below:

International Student Attendance Policy

International Student Attendance Policy

1. Scope of Policy

This policy applies to all international students who have entered the UK under the Tier 4 UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) regulations [1]. LJMU is a Tier 4 sponsor which the University is committed to retaining and will engage full and robust processes to ensure full compliance with the terms of the licence. The University has a duty of care to ensure that international students are engaged with their studies throughout the duration of their programme of study. As monitoring the attendance of international students studying under Tier 4 is a requirement of the UKVI, the university has a system of formal attendance monitoring.

[1] This policy does not cover students with short term study visas or International students in the UK under an immigration route other than Tier 4. Queries concerning the scope of this policy should be directed to the Academic Registry.

2. How LJMU meet UKVI requirements

In order that attendance by Tier 4 students can be effectively monitored, the University requires confirmation in line with the following schedule for September/October start students.

Contact Point Date Evidence
Enrolment Within period specified within offer letter and on CAS
Passport, visa etc.
Face to face sign off November
Completed verified pro-forma
Face to face sign off
Completed verified pro-forma
Census Point October Student Engagement
Census Point
November Student Engagement
Census Point
December Student Engagement
Census Point
January Student Engagement
Census Point
February Student Engagement
Census Point
March Student Engagement
Census Point
April Student Engagement

2.1 Enrolment

All Tier 4 students are required to enrol within 10 working days following the commencement date of their programme of study as specified on their offer/re-enrolment letter. Any student who fails to enrol by their deadline will be reported to UKVI. Academic Registry manages international student enrolment. Academic Registry manages reporting to UKVI. Extensions to this enrolment period may only be granted under exceptional circumstances and need to take into consideration study requirements.

2.2 Verification by Face to Face Sign Off

All Tier 4 students are required to report to their Faculties at the appointed time to complete the attendance verification process. This involves students signing a verification pro-forma, counter-signed by a member of Faculty staff. The Academic Registry will collate completed forms. The data will be recorded on a central system and hard copies will be held centrally for the purposes of audit. The first verification point will be in November prior to the Christmas break, the second will be in March, two months after the students return from Christmas break. Any student who fails to complete the Face-to-Face verification may be reported to UKVI.

2.3 Census points

On a monthly basis, Faculties will be required to monitor the engagement of Tier 4 students and advise Academic Registry of any student who is not actively engaging with their programme of study. For this purpose the term ‘student engagement’ covers, but is not limited to, the following examples of student contacts as determined by the UKVI

  • attending lectures, tutorials, seminars and practical’s
  • attending for the purposes of assessment
  • submitting work
  • attending meetings with academic tutors
  • attending research events, writing-up seminars or doctoral workshops

Faculties will write to students in the first instance regarding unsatisfactory attendance. Persistent unsatisfactory attendance will be reported to Academic Registry and further action may be taken that could affect at students’ immigration status in the UK.

3. Authorised absence

It is the responsibility of Tier 4 students to advise the University if they are to be absent for any period of time. For example, student illness which impacts upon attendance for more than one week must be notified to tutors. In extenuating circumstances periods of authorised student absence may be agreed up to a maximum of 4 weeks. Periods of authorised absence must be reported to the Academic Registry and logged on the central system. Where necessary Academic Registry will report absences to UKVI.

4. Reporting Audit and Data Quality

Tier 4 student enrolment and formal UKVI attendance verification processes will be recorded on the central student system. Academic Registry has the responsibility for reporting to the UKVI:

  • any Tier 4 student failing to enrol or complete attendance verification
  • any Tier 4 student who withdraws
  • any significant change in Tier 4 student circumstances

In addition to the central recording of enrolment and attendance verification, paper copies of the relevant documentation will be securely archived by the Academic Registry and made available for the purposes of audit. Academic Registry will manage the process and determine the schedule of reporting.

5. Communications

All relevant information regarding the International Student Attendance Monitoring Policy is available to Tier 4 students via the University website. In addition, Academic Registry/Faculties will individually contact students with dates of enrolment (via the offer/re-enrolment letter) and attendance verification.

Any student requiring advice should be directed to the International Student Advisors in the first instance. Faculty staff requiring advice or guidance with regard to UKVI regulations should contact the Academic Registry.

This policy does not cover students with short term study visas or International students in the UK under an immigration route other than Tier 4. Queries concerning the scope of this policy should be directed to the Academic Registry.

6. Monitoring of postgraduate research students

The process for monitoring PGR students enrolled/registered on MPhil and PhD programmes is designed to cover the UKVI requirements in a consistent way for all LJMU PGR International students, taking into account differences in their programmes of research.

PGR students are required to complete their re-registration on the anniversary of their initial registration. Failure to do so can have implications on their immigration status in the UK.

UKVI requires a consistent, full auditable process, which allows LJMU to monitor the following:

  • attendance of all FT INT PGR students including those who are writing-up in the UK on Tier 4 student visas;
  • students’  engagement  with  their  programme  of  research  and  their  academic progress;
  • that students’ passports, visas and current address details are valid and up-to-date and recorded correctly on LJMU systems;
  • that any authorised absences from the university are approved in advance by the student’s Director of Studies and that these are reported to Academic Registry and recorded on LJMU systems and reported to UKVI where necessary;
  • that  any  unauthorised  absences  from  the  university  are  reported  to  Academic Registry so that they can be followed up as appropriate and reported to UKVI as required;
  • that students’ requests for suspension of registration and withdrawals are processed promptly and reported to UKVI as required.

Full-time PGR students are expected to be engaged on their research degree programme for a minimum of 35 hours per week over 45 weeks of the year. This is in accordance with the University’s Research Degree Regulations and the HEFCE definition of PGR programmes as a ‘long course’.

Monitoring will take place at ten designated points throughout the academic year which will be as follows:

Point 1 - Enrolment (see 2.1 above)

Points 2 and 3 - Face-to-face sign-off (see point 2.2 above)

Points 4 to 10 - Completion of PGR monitoring form (to take place mid-September; end of October; mid-December; end of January; mid-March; end of April and mid-June)

The monitoring form will be sent automatically by email to all relevant students at the start of every census point throughout the year. The covering email will contain clear instructions to students on how to complete the form and who is should be sent to. Students will be required to complete, sign and date Part A of the form and forward it to their Director of Studies or other designated supervisor within 5 working days.

The Director of Studies/other designated supervisor will be required to complete, sign and date Part B of the form and forward it to their designated School/Faculty Research Administrator within 5 working days so that the process is completed within 10 working days.