Learner Digital Engagement

We want every student on every degree at Liverpool John Moores University to be able to succeed in their studies and achieve their full potential

We routinely collect a lot of data for every student at LJMU, ranging from how many books you take out of the library to your attendance at lectures and when you log on to a university computer.

We know that students who engage with their studies by attending all their timetabled activities, using our libraries and accessing Canvas, our virtual learning environment, do better in their degrees than students who don’t.

The system will enable us to bring all the collected data together and use it to help identify students who look like they aren’t engaging with their studies and who
would benefit from targeted support and guidance from academics and support teams.

The system monitors:

  • how often you use Canvas
  • your book withdrawals from the Library (we won’t record titles)
  • your use of the University’s e-books and journals (we won’t record titles)
  • how regularly you use the network printers
  • when you log-on to one of the University’s computers, or connect via off-campus applications
  • how frequently you attend timetabled activities

In all cases, the data will be benchmarked against other students on the same degree to ensure that fair comparisons are made.

In addition we will continue to monitor attendance for all students at timetabled sessions through our online Attendance Monitoring records.

All this information is captured and updated daily, which means that personal tutors will be able to tell quickly who needs additional support to help them succeed in their studies.

Access to any data collected will be restricted to your:

  • Personal Tutor
  • Programme Leader
  • Director of School/Head of Department
  • Student Engagement Officers

Your engagement data will be collated into a regular report – normally weekly – and sent to the people listed above. The report will display your engagement in the context of the average engagement of the people on your programme.

We will not share any of your personal information with third parties without your permission. We can only share anonymised data which does not identify any individuals. We will delete your personal data six months after you leave the University, though trend data will be kept for future analysis. You will also be able to review your own engagement data – your Personal Tutor can show it to you.