Assessment coursework and examination

Using the menu on the left of this page you will find details of how to submit your coursework and how to obtain advice concerning any problems you may have with your assessments.

LJMU Assessment 24th April 2023 - 5th May 2023 (inclusive)

The Semester Two assessment period will take place from Monday 24th April until Friday 5th May 2023 (inclusive)

Please be aware that some exams will take place in person, whilst some will take place online. 

The full timetable is now available to view here and your personalised timetable can be accessed here in the coming days.

Information and support for assessment

Please remember that there is lots of guidance that you can use to help you do your best.

Finally, and most importantly, make sure that you check your individual Canvas module sites for specific assignment guidance.

To support you in preparation for exams, we’ve answered the following frequently asked questions: 

Can I leave the examination early?

Candidates may leave an examination early but not in the first or the last 30 minutes.  Therefore, if you have a one-hour examination you must remain for the full duration. Before you can leave, you must raise your hand to attract the attention of the invigilator, who will collect your script and then you will be allowed to leave. 

Do I need to bring my student card to the exam?

Yes - you should have your student card to gain access to all university buildings, including external venues where examinations take place.  If you forget your student card, another form of photo ID such as a driving license or passport may be accepted. 

Can I keep my mobile phone or smart watch on me during the exam?

No. Mobile phones, smart watches or any other electronic devices must be switched off and kept in your bag.  If you do not have a bag, you must surrender the item and place it in an envelope provided by the invigilators.  Make sure you write your name, person number and desk number on the envelope and this will be returned to you at the end of the examination. 

Will all my exams take place in the same building/rooms where teaching takes place?

Not necessarily, exams do take place in LJMU buildings but may be in a building which you have not visited before so please check the location of your examinations.  Check the Exams Venue section below for further information. 

What happens if I am ill or experience a bereavement and cannot attend my exam?

You should complete the Personal Circumstances Form if something serious and unexpected happens and you cannot undertake your exam. You can view the Personal Circumstances Policy here and apply for Personal Circumstances and Special Mitigation using the relevant forms via My LJMU. 

Our Academic Skills Tutors have put together resources to support you with revision and exam skills. Find out more here.

Please note that these assessment periods apply to students following the standard academic calendar.  Assessment dates may vary for students following non-standard calendars.

Useful information:

What to do if you are unable to sit an exam

Please read this guidance if you are unable to complete an assessment on time or unable to sit an examination.

Additional examination provision

If you think you are entitled to any kind of examination support, including extra time or the use of a scribe or a PC, you should see a Disability Adviser to discuss the process and completion of the Additional Examination Provision (AEP) form

Please note: if you require additional examination provision this must be arranged and approved prior to the start of the examinations. The form can be found in My LJMU under the My Services tile

Please remember that you must submit your Additional Examination Provision (AEP) request by Friday 26th November 2021 for January assessments and Friday 25th March 2022 for May assessments.

Exam venues

Examinations will take place at a number of LJMU buildings including the Johnson Foundation Auditorium in the John Lennon Art and Design Building, Duckinfield Street, Liverpool L3 5RD and the Student Life Building, 10 Copperas Hill, Liverpool, L3 5AH as well as at the following external venues:

Crypt Hall and Pontifical Hall at the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Access is via the entrance on Brownlow Hill, near to the John Lennon Art and Design Building.  The entrance is via large wooden doors at the top of a set of stone steps on the opposite side of the road from the Victoria Building; a large red brick clock tower.  The entrance is situated between the Science Innovation Centre and a row of shops which include a Tesco, Costa and Subway.  There is a bus stop shelter outside the main door.  The nearest place to park is the Liverpool City Council car park on Brownlow Hill/Mount Pleasant.  The postcode for both the car park and the Crypt Hall is L3 5RF.

LJMU Sports Building – Sports Hall and Studios

Next door to the Student Life Building, Copperas Hill, Liverpool, L3 5AH

World Museum Liverpool

The World Museum Liverpool is based on William Brown St, Liverpool L3 8EN. You should enter the building via the World Museum Front Entrance.  Your exam will be held in the Lower Horse Shoe Gallery which is situated on the 2nd Floor.

Internal Venue Acronyms

The following acronyms are used for LJMU buildings for timetabling purposes:

SLB - Student Life Building, 10 Copperas Hill, Liverpool, L3 5AH

RB - Redmonds Building, Brownlow Hill, L3 5UG

BS - Byrom Street Building, Byrom Street, L3 3AF

TRB - Tom Reilly Building, Byrom Street, L3 3AF

TB - Tithebarn Street Building, 79 Tithebarn Street, L2 2ER

HC - Henry Cotton Building, 15-21 Webster Street, L3 2ET


Examination Regulations

Click here for additional information about the University's examination regulations.

Please be aware that academic misconduct, including cheating in examinations, constitutes a serious offence. Penalties can range from the reduction of marks to exclusion from the University.

Personal belongings

  • All bags, coats etc. and materials not specified for the examination must be left in a designated area and candidates may place on their desks only the materials specified for the examination.
  • The use of dictionaries is not permitted unless specified in the rubric of the examination paper.
  • Avoid bringing valuables to examinations. You will not be permitted to keep any personal belongings on or near your desk and the University accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of student's personal property.
  • Switch off mobile 'phones, pagers, watch alarms etc.- students who fail to do so and disrupt an examination may be subject to disciplinary proceedings.
  • Students are NOT permitted to have 'phones, pagers, electronic organisers or smart watches on their person. If you are caught then you will be referred to an Academic Misconduct Panel for cheating and you are likely to fail the module.
  • No food of any kind can be taken into any of the examination venues. For reasons of safety and to minimise disturbance, candidates are not permitted hot drinks, fizzy drinks, cans or glass bottles although a clear plastic bottle of still water is permissible.  You should remove labels from bottles.
  • Smoking and E Cigarettes are not permitted in any of the examination venues.
  • Candidates who refuse to obey the instructions of an invigilator shall be deemed guilty of a breach of discipline.
  • Toilet breaks may be requested except during the first and last 15 minutes of the exam. Visits to the toilet will be supervised and normally only one student at a time will be allowed to leave the venue. Please raise your hand, but remain seated until instructed by an invigilator.
  • As soon as your exams are over, please leave the venue quickly and quietly, with due consideration for students who may still be sitting exams in the vicinity.
  • Students may request to leave the exam early - you will not be allowed to leave in the first or last 30 minutes of the exam. Please raise your hand, but remain seated until permitted by an invigilator to leave the room.

Please be aware that these regulations will be strictly enforced.